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$300 WALMART Memory Foam Mattress Review

My final con is that for the first maybe. I would say week to four weeks hey everyone and welcome to my website. my name is the owner from just my opinion.

Today we are going to be doing a Walmart. mattress review this mattress I purchased from Walmart for three hundred dollars you can also get on different sites .

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But it’s a 10 inch tempur-pedic memory foam with cooling gel mattress and I definitely have some pros and some cons for you so go ahead and stay tuned.

If you want to find out more about this mattress so the pros one huge pro about this mattress is that it is very affordable it’s a 10 inch king-sized tempur-pedic basically a memory foam and all of it is fully memory foam mattress. it’s $300 normally if you go into a mattress store like mattress world it will cost around $1,500 for something that we paid $300 you can’t really even get like a soft pillow top or like just a pillow top memory foam for less than $800 in the typical store so this is a really really cool thing but it’s so. cheap and it’s so affordable the next. thing that I absolutely love about this mattress is the fact that it has a layer of cooling gel so you will virtually

never overheat in this mattress I think this is great and this is really nice especially because when there’s summer nights memory foam mattresses.

tend to heat you up and people do overheat so if you like to stay cooler. at night. this mattress definitely stays really cool all through the night and it’s really great so my next thing is that there’s no falling through we have been using this not just for about a year now.

we don’t have any indents any body outlines of where we sleep and there are basically three to four of us that’s. sleep in this bedroom depend or in this bed depending on whether our two kids do climb in with us or not.

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So between where my wife and I always sleep on our sides of the mattress. there is no follow through there’s no indentation. I think that’s a really great thing about the Salah dress because it basically shows the quality of the memory foam and how it’s not going to sink compress and get stuck in the one position .

But sometimes memory foam mattresses do so the next thing about this mattress is that it’s super easy delivery it’s basically wrapped up in a sectioned wrap and then just brought to your doorstep in a box it’s super easy.

To unwrap I’ll go ahead and insert some clips of us doing that here it’s super easy to take off the wrap and the biggest thing that I love about it is.

That I already comes in a pre wrap sheet. so you can basically take off this sheet. off the memory the memory foam mattress. you can throw it in the wash if it ever gets dirty so the actual mattress is not getting stained itself.

So now as amazing as this mattress is from the pros that I told you there are definitely some cons that I want to go ahead and go over with you so the number one thing is the cooling gel that I mentioned the cooling gel is extremely great it is very cooling .

But it’s a little too cooling on cool days so um. when it’s cold the mattress takes a while to warm up and the next thing is that when it does get delivered it is really easy to basically open it up it’s really easy to unload unpack and place.

But the issue with it is that it’s not ready right away like if you were to go to mattress world and just buy a mattress .

You could pop it on your bed and start sleeping on it now this one. when you do receive it it takes a few hours to fully inflate and should fully be at its full capacity before you go ahead and sleep on it.

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My final con is that for the first maybe. I would say week to four weeks it depends on the use of the mattress. whether you have a little kiddos jumping on it or not but the match’s does take a little bit to break it and still be fairly stiff it became a little softer.

Especially after six months of use but it is fairly stiff in the beginning so much so that my husband and I were used to a much softer mattress and when we were sleeping in for the first four days.

We did experience back pain but if you don’t mind that just my opinion do anything this mattress is worth it. absolutely we’ve been using it for a year we have no problems with it there’s. no issues with it at all I think that if you can have go ahead and get a waterproof sheets so if you ever have any spills if you’re watching movies and been accidentally like drop your dinner.

On your sheets or if you have little kids especially that are running around with food and everything else in the house go ahead and get a waterproof sheet this will prevent your mattress.

From staining even though there is that removable sheet that you wash if you want to go ahead and use that instead.

But I would suggest getting a waterproof mattress she anyways so I hope these tips and tricks I would show with your mattress and I hope that this helps you.

Decide whether you do or do not want this mattress so I’ll go ahead and link in the description bar below if you want. this 10 inch memory foam king size mattress for just 300 dollars .

If you are interested in improving your mattress too, please just visit walmart and buy according to your budget.

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