Twin Memory Foam Mattress

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Sealy 10″ Memory Foam Mattress Twin

This is from Sealy it’s memory foam. the bed that’s 10 inches it’s a 10 inch. memory foam mattress that is going to like take you to another place when you sleep at night.

I am here to tell you. like butter now listen first of all Ellen is going to take you through the layers of what makes us, so superior to the mattress you have today.

but a 10-inch mattress how to do what’s this composed of because we’re like all this is like squishy so CIMMYT. irreal that everyone is talking about that everyone has really fallen in love.

within its memory foam, it’s the type of mattress that I sleep on I’ve had the pleasure of presenting a few memory foam mattresses here at HSN but I’ve never been able to bring you one from Sealy.

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Sealy a company that’s been making mattresses for over a hundred and thirty years. so, it’s really exciting to have Sealy making one of I think one of the most technologically advanced mattresses.

That is out there this is a type of material that we’re talking about open-cell technology it really gives your body that proper alignment that customized the comfort and it’s not just a wee bit of memory foam you’re getting full three inches of memory foam on that top layer followed by that second.

support foam layer of memory foam and then underneath that you have the full. five inches of the high-density base foam to give you that resilient support to keep you from your mattress from sagging

You know our sleep is so key to our entire well-being it’s the foundation of I always say the triangle. you know it’s what you eat it’s how you exercise but sleep is right there at the base of it if you’re not sleeping well. this could be a great time for you to invest in a mattress that really feels like it was customized just for you.

This is a limited edition purchase we have in our inventory for immediate delivery 230 of these and that’s all and that’s in twin full queen king do we have the California king no twin full/queen and king.

We don’t even have the California king. I don’t think so there’s about 55 in each and I’m going to tell you something.

We’re gonna show you we’re gonna do a demonstration in a minute you will sleep like a baby and if you currently wake up and your back is kind of aching because maybe your coil system of your bed is not supporting you properly this is a system that really it molds to your body.

It does it’s ergonomically adjusted for your head .your shoulders your neck your hips for your body differently. then somebody else so if you and let’s say your spouse partner is laying in bed.

Next to you and they’re a tosser and Turner you’re not gonna feel as much motion either .because there’s no coil exactly it replaces your mattress explains.

How this works it does you guys that multi-layer support remembers that top layer is that three full inches of memory foam that open-cell technology.

That really adapts and customizes to your body size your body shape it’s followed by that foam Center and then of course that five-inch base foam this is gonna shape to your body to relieve your pressure points and minimize those movements that might disturb your sleep. Could also help with the motion transfer.

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If you’re sleeping with a partner you. know here’s there are a couple of things that are different about this then you see from other Sealy mattresses the first.

One being right there. you can use this on your existing box. spring or you can use it on a platform bed or a slatted frame or and the other really unique feature is you know what you don’t have to set up delivery from this for this because this is shipped to you .

It’s done with it’s actually shipped to your door you don’t have to set up to have it shipped to make an appointment it comes right to your door it’s actually compressed all of the air is compressed out rolled.

So, that you can actually if you have maybe. you live in an apartment or maybe you’re trying to get this into an upstairs. bedroom this is all in a box that’s delivered right to your door .you can sleep on it within 48 hours you just open it you lay it down this is gonna last you for such a long time you won’t even believe yourself now.

we have to wear this trans mate transmission device and I unplugged it on purpose to show you it’s like a brick and we wear this on our hip belts and all the hoes have to wear them.

All the guests wear them that’s so that we can hear you when you call us. I hear you okay and I’m gonna put it on my belt and I’m gonna lay down.

Because what’s interesting on a memory foam mattress. I can’t even feel it back. thereon a coil mattress even some of our kids silly. Sealy mattresses that are coil mattress. I can feel it it doesn’t hurt but it’s right there.

I’m just gonna lay down and we’re gonna what I , when I get up I want you to I can’t feel it okay now. I want you to demonstrate this for yourself at home with a hairbrush take a hairbrush and stick it under your hip.

When you get home and then lay down. now you would feel that on your mattress. now I’m gonna stick when I step up I want you to see what it left behind. ready let’s see is it there it’s quick. it feels right it’s right here but sees. it’s because of the cover which by the way this cover can be washed this is beauty comes in explaining that this is so cool yes you can see the cover you.

Can actually unzip around you can see it here on our small sample so that we can see the foam that’s inside but the unique thing that’s a beautiful pendant cover it’s beautifully soft and brushed.

It’s no noticeably pliable so when you sink down into the memory foam and you know why people love memory foam is the way that it responds to your body

Are you know, it really fills all the curves of your body whether you’re sleeping on your side your stomach your back it really just surrounds your body and comfort and the other thing that it does is it gives your body that proper alignment.

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It doesn’t press back against you I love the quote that I’ve read about memory foam is that you’re not sleeping on your mattress, you’re sleeping in your mattress yes let me give you the breakdown on prices they’re on sale this visit only and we’ll put them up on the screen.

I think full screen so you can see them do we have the full screen. because they’re all on flex pay to you get them all on either five flex. payments or they’re on our VIP financing on the HSN card nine months interest-free .so let’s say you want to stretch out your payment’s for almost a year you can do that and not be charged a nickel of interest at you it like for example the twin is $23 okay wait. 53:53 on the twin full would be $60.

Queen would be 65 and the king is $85 if you’re doing nine months financing now. if you want to use our flex-pay option. the five flex payments which you can see. therefor example on the full, it is a hundred and seven ninety-nine.

And then if you want on the queen. it is 116 99 if you want to order the King. it’s 150 299 and I did I say the twin. the twin is $89.99 now the way the flex. pay works we just charge your credit. card whatever card you want so if you are like airline mileage or you know shopping points you can use that card as.

Well or instead of free shipping sleep on it for a month if you’ve always. wanted to try a memory foam mattress.

But you’ve been afraid of the sticker and the price point thousands of dollars Oh crazy Sealy warranty it dies and what you see here and that’s good yeah see.

That’s what I’m talking about it creates like a mold to your body and then when you get up it goes away that’s what’s really interesting is when you lie down. on your mattress you can see just with a little bit of pressure.

How that really. just conforms to my hand it’s gonna do that to your entire body and what’s nice. about it is it really gives you when you move it changes with you, I mean you can see how it just responds because of that open-cell technology it takes that pressure and spreads it over a greater surface area so if you sleep.

Uncomfortably maybe your shoulders are pressing down into the mattress .you have a full three inches of memory foam. here on that top layer so it really does respond to your body shape your body size to give you that customized comfort and support now the other thing that people really love about memory foam now.

Here I’m gonna sit and then you sit over. there okay ready oh you said okay let me put my thing back on. that’s out there’s no movement there’s no motion Tracy hurt if she were bouncing.

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