Small Kitchen Island With Seating

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DIY How to Build A Kitchen Island | Easy Island with Seating & Storage

hi everyone welcome to my home if you don’t know the recently renovated. the kitchen we went to a modern farmhouse. below you check that out on scam before and after photos as I promised today is.

All about showing you how we built the environment ,I want to tell each and every one of you. I really would appreciate that and I thank you. guys so much for tuning in and I hope this article is helpful to you so this is. started so our kitchen had a lot of space and I always wanted an island but the islands that I wanted was really expensive.

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We don’t know islands occur they can be very expensive special for a large some of the small ones you can give two to three hundred but the larger ones. running about 700 and I would not want to make that so I decided to just do one.

I have to say that this island in this kitchen is by far not perfect, but it is the greatest ability in the world. to have one saved thousands and thousands of dollars and to have yourself and that’s a huge phone of accomplishment and we built the island from base cabinets and then we go around it and then this countertop.

Honest-to-god we added this countertop in less than 50 bucks okay I will secret for now could not afford a real. countertop my watermark will come on target but I couldn’t afford it right now.

So what we did until we can get one later on down the road is the setup for our invitation  Pete oh well I. will break that down in another article and I’ll show you how we build this countertop for less than 50 bucks. but today’s lesson is all about Buddha and Island so let’s start.

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Okay fellow building it is it’s just cabin tree that’s pre-built it has four cabinets and two drawers and all we’re going to do is fill it around it and then counter pop to it so you can see I taped up support for where I want it to be now I want to I did that for both sides but then you just want to measure it out see how long you want inside.

Here you had the pieces cut exactly how long so let’s put it up against it. okay so this is my board that was. actually pretty cheap too we’re gonna. just find out where I’m gonna screw it. in by and then I’m trying to show you. how I’m gonna build around it and then. this piece here is gonna go here so. right now I’m just standing up against. is that you can kind of get an idea you can have a look and then I’m gonna have this piece here.

So, in a sense it’s gonna give that 3d. effect see my panels which are these just go to here the panels are actually. that are like just press it up like that gosh the orders wrong with it and so It’s the don’t want our don’t use building around it and then I’m gonna add you know trims you know give it a texture and give it dip .so that’s how honest also we’re going to look and I’ll show you the results so this is the island and all you’re gonna do with the feed sheet and then you attach it to your cabinets.

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We’re a building around. the base cabinets here so I’m building around it and we’re doing sheets of wood. you can get your sizes cut so it’s all about measurement measure it out and piece all together.

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Like screws nails we all gave up so I’m gonna make a eggs on the island to give it just a farmhouse effect and they’re made a little bit of heat there it’s. gonna be there oh yeah what I’m doing I’m taking all of my extra pieces of wood they’re actually short

I’m going to glue them together. these are not much there are little pieces in there did you know I’m shaping it right now so what I did was I measured my island at my corner from here to the bottom down here and I measured it spear and inserted it these.

Are my Center marks there on the cinema and on my idea I cut this off that nor. so much this can go like this here can you see that so I cut that down you know.

I measured it out it’s all about math and measurements with building and so now I’m just gonna. glue these pieces together and then put some wood filler in between the little holes or cracks you know sort of be nice and smooth and then paint the entire.

Thing and then put it up against the island I’ll show you the results. so all in all we built this entire island for less than $200 and I’ve got these tears from Target and parents so I’m a huge money saver and I’ve shopped sales and clearances and so I hope you enjoyed and I hope I kept you in some way I look forward to seeing your Island. 

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