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I’m gonna show you how we install 5 even though I’ve said 6 many times it was finally turned into 5 5 of these guys and complete the four-way switch system to turn all of these on this is Suncoast lighting I got these off Amazon links for these will be in the description. well there was a lot of questions on the 4-way and I understand it can be confusing because there’s a lot of ways to wire up a four-way switch system in the United States of America a four-way switch has three switches and one bank of lighting so this would be 1 2 3 4. apparently in foreign lands a four-way. switch system has 4 switches this kind of makes sense, either way, you look at it but here 3 switches four-way switch.

right there this is the simplest way to wire it up you got power going in 3 wire. 3 wire and power going out you have a 3-way switch on this end 3-way switch on the other end and a four-way switch in the middle this is one of many ways to wire this up but to me keep things. simple this is my go-to method if you’ve got questions to watch the entire video. it’s amazing it’s really amazing and ask questions at the end or put your personal experiences in the comments.

tell me what you really think about ready to start cutting in the holes in the ceiling and this Bay here is going to be the first row of lights you see I got the insulation scooped out using. this chimney here as a landmark for my measurements so that I end up well like gonna end up in the center of this Bay.

here which is good 14 inches this way 20 inches that way you’re probably. wondering what type of lights are gonna be then I’m going to be putting in these. LED recessed lights this is the junction box it just goes up in the attic. got a little connector here and this is led believe these are 3k 14 watts 850 lumens but I got to do is cut a six-inch hole this circle here up in that ceiling and I’m going to be using the last carbide blade I’ve got a couple of other blades

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I’ve been using the carbides they work but they go fast I might be able to get two holes maybe three per blade and then it’s done. $20 gone I know I’ve gone through six. carbide blades I’ve also tried this blade this one holds up to the plaster but it’s not very precise and it’s cut. you can’t make a cut you basically you blow out a whole big line I may try this one again and see if there’s a little bit of technique and positioning of that point to do the cutting action but I’m gonna start man this one is shot this is a just of the wall.

this is the DeWalt one that I used to cut through one piece of metal up in the attic this the actual crossbar for this. this light and it’s shot I decided to go out and get some new blades. you see the shape after the shapes are about the same this is a complete burnout Dewalt this is the bosch the most expensive one you can get now back up here in the attic and clearing out insulation and seeing where I could put the the next two symmetrically I’d like to get them 68 inches this way obviously I can still work left and right.

here’s what they look like from above looks pretty darn good. that one’s over there once everything gets made up obviously the all the insulation will get pushed back together. I’ll put all the insulation back put down my runners next to the wires this one out a little bit more blow out. fortunately the last blade let’s hope we get through it. Oh, hopefully it fits on the first try the first week well calm down clean up oops.

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I don’t know if what the Lighting’s been like in here cuz they don’t get any lights nasty cloudy day out are they any sunlight so yeah. clean up the dexter kill room and then head to the attic connect everything up and then keep going got some drywall patches to do here’s a close-up of the junction box and I think the little control system for the LED light is in this half of this junction box. it’s wired in push it up into the attic and then to make your connection to the actual light with this thing

this is just a threaded connector put it all together now I’ll try not to get too much insulation coming down put some mustard on it this one came out really good had no chip out at all no the read covers. everything last time you turn it on and see what it looks like perfect color I like this color. it replicates an incandescent light they are kind of bright and you don’t want to stare at them so somewhere in this system I will probably put a dimmer switch this here is one switch location.

power coming up in a 14-2 and then we have a 14-3 going down to the next switch this here is the next switch this is the actual four-way switch it’s put in the middle have a 14-3 coming up and a 14-3 going out this is the third switch location here we’ve got a 14-3 coming in and a 14-2 going out to those lights I ended up putting in five lights. the original plan was six way down there. we went with one centered on this door and it’s also centered on the where the refrigerator is and also centered on refrigerator is and also centered on something that’s over in this area.

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