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Queen Memory Foam Mattress-Hello everyone, all right I’m going to talk to you about what I purchase as far as for my bedding. now I was planning to get a bed that sees a temper Tempur-pedic and I was like okay there’s like three thousand.

Some dollars at now so what I did we turn this fan so I did good morning. get my day going I like to circulate air. okay so what I did I went ahead and went to the original factory and they display all the beds and the bed that I’m used to having it’s a Tempurpedic bed.

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Okay well. to me once you get on one of those beds. you don’t want them other beds regular. beds I don’t care if they’re spring and know that so they make the mattress.

There so I said you know what I’m gonna pick somebody’s brain I want them to tell me about the bed how it’s made what it does and all those things because when me my husband travel oh my goodness.

The hotels that we stay in the beds. it’s like you don’t even want to get up. so what I do I look at the mattress and I was like oh this is a nice gel-like and I mean then they have a topper on top.so I found the name of it looked it up saved it on there so I said okay.

Now I’m going to search for my bed. because lately I’ve been having issues with my back and I can’t lay on one of those regular beds. I just can’t do it so what I did I went to the bed place. original Factory and this lady there began to tell me about the bay and match me, my husband, .so I’m you know me. I’m taking notes and stuff like that and what I did I said I’m not paying 3. grand for that so what I’m going to do. is get me the same thing singer singular and get the jail you can get it the mattress on top that you put on top of your mattress. it’s either 2 inches 3 inch 4 inch we have. I believe.

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I think it’s a three inch okay and then we bought a topper and I sleep like a baby my back. unless I’m laying you know the kind of crazy. whatever I see it as a baby some will show you okay and I got it on Amazon and they deliver it yeah yes they will deliver it to your home and the beauty of this here you can take it with you.

Okay on top of your bed but if you don’t want to spend my three grand two grand or whatever then get you the gel. the mattress on top and get you a topper now. they do have toppers with jail I didn’t get that one.

I just got me a regular topper and it’s fluffiness it’s so I’m going to show you okay here it is this. is how thick it is and I might even get one for a guest bedroom in my new home. for a new bed this is how it looks here and it is so soft you see that. so this is goodness gracious come on now.

So everything here this will go on top. of your mattress okay. so it looks like that and this here is what they had at the hotel and it is nice and fluffy it’s the feather that stuff like this.

I will have to take to the laundry the big one and yeah that’s how it looks and it has this right here and all you do is put that like that on the end.

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And for those of you who are having problems with your back this will help you okay. you got to protect your back. you guys and as we get older things get really difficult and so as you can see. this here we definitely get two. different type of met well actually.

We’re going to get a mattress that is already the therapeutic one and then depending on the bed frame you know that but it makes no sense to get this stuff. now when you’re here not moved so there’s my little mattress here see oh.

So, I thought come in here and show y’all my mattress you just got to do what you have to do people a lot of people don’t have three brands you know to do that I mean.

I could have gone and just you know pay for it but I like to pay cash for a lot of things and then if I use my credit card for an emergency. but oh my gosh. it’s this whole wonderful to just lay and just go to sleep.

Then I’m gonna get me some gel pillows too. oh yeah, then I have my bolster let’s see if I have my bolster down here well. anyway, I have my bolster where I can put my legs and lift my leg, yeah and then you can also get you some wedges to align your spine and your neck.

I’ll get that too and that’s a carrying case carry it I’ll put that down there. below and I’ll put this down there below and just do your research .okay, I’m just looking out for you guys so that way you don’t have to spend a lot of money just gets you something like this and you’ll get you something like this and you’ll sleep like a baby.

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