Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

LUCID 10 Inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress Review

Everyone we just got a memory foam mattress .this is from lucid. it’s the it’s the plush 10 inch twin size usually we actually recommend that to people set this up but today I’m actually gonna be doing this on my own. it is fairly hefty but I can lift it so.

We’re going to set this up in my daughter’s room and we’ll take a look and see what it looks like the mattress comes really compactly. packaged very easy to a box and move around its vacuum seal and as you can see I handled it all all my own .

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So,it’s very easy to move around and handle. be careful as you’re removing the plastic off the mattress that you don’t want to slice the mattress itself just a package just a plastic covering.

This comes a 25 year warranty and also some before opening instructions and so. we’re going to give it about two or three days to air out once the vacuum seal is broken the mattress starts to expand right away.

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Hi everyone we’re back we’ve let the mattress air out over 24 hours and we’re going to take a look and show you how the mattress did after the airing out. process first I wanted to talk a little bit about why we chose to purchase this mattress online because purchasing a mattress online can seem pretty.

Counterintuitive since you can’t touch a mattress you can’t test it out lucid has great reviews on Amazon if you take a look right here it’s got 4.4 stars out. of 5. so that really impressed us and helped. us make our decision and also lucid is the only company that has a really. in-depth and detailed rating system on their firmness versus their plushness .

So you can really make an informed decision, on how the mattress is going to feel to you based on their indicator system. so, with that really helped us make our decision to we’re really comfortable with the with the product that we got and if you want to read reviews for yourself check it out the link is right.

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Bullet right here below and we’ll show you how the bed did after airing out next after the mattress had time to. expand it’s now at its full 10 inches. very comfy very cushy if you pushed on. it you can feel the air rushing through the ventilation holes even our dog likes.

It the mattress comes with a protective cover it’s very easily unzipped and you can throw it in the washing machine if you want it’s very comfortable and very breathable and really liked it. so underneath the cover we find that the mattress is a two layer foam the first layer is the plush layer this is a part.

that cradles you and makes you comfortable at night it does come with a protective netting to keep the shape and the two layers in place the bottom layer. is the firmer layer it’s the it’s the layer that keeps the mattress gives the mattress support so as you can see when you do lie down on the mattress.

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There are the air holes that keep you ventilated and keep things cool and temperature regulated while you sleep on the mattress very comfortable we ordered a plush model so this top part is a bit softer than it would be if it were a firmer mattress we like the cradle.

Feeling that comes with it when it when we lie down on it so this is why we got the mattress in the first place and of course the protective mesh.

Does keep the two layers intact and keep. worth it memory mattress calm you’ll find the full review there check out the link above and then if you wait till the end of the video will show you a link to end of the video will show you a link to how we keep our memory mattresses clean.

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