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I just finished a meditation class. I’ve got in the car everybody says to go to the chalk paint place on Oak Bay AB I pulled everybody on meditation class all the wonderful ladies there the all if I go there don’t go anywhere else.

That’s where I’m headed now in case. you’re wondering welcome to my blog thanks so much for reading this week. I’m making in my homes so I felt extra pressure to paint the new kitchen table and chairs that we got I’m going to tell you all about that and right now.

I’m going to go and get the chalk paint so that’s what we’re doing and let’s go. okay so I’m back from Home Depot we decided to go against a store from Oak Bay the prices there were quite high and we’re able to do it for about a. third of the price by going to Oak Bay. Home Depot and Dollarama. so okay that’s a lot less expensive. about a third of the price so I ended up. getting this chalk paint the same price to get the chalk paint at Home Depot as regular paint and got this nice white.

it’s actually called a gray these chalk paints come in kind of six colors but we were able to find the colors that we were looking for and then this coastal blue and also the finishing paste is finishing wax as well and then we got the sanding blocks and the brushes and things at the dollar store so the first thing

I have to do is to give the furniture a really good clean so that it is first up and does I’ll give you a chance. to see what it looks like before I also. did a little V roll of what it looked. like before and I think it’s an absolutely gorgeous day of polyglot time in there painting outside.

okay first chairs on that took me about 30 minutes Tim says that’s about 20 minutes too long so I don’t see him. stepping up and volunteering to help but just offering criticism so that’s. helpful. cheep so I left the middle two bars in the on the back and on the bottom

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because I’m going to do blue there and I think I’m going to do a second coat as well so not really 30. minutes probably more but I’m going to move along to another chair. okay so four chairs are done and now it is time to start the table

Jen’s been working hard there in the background thumbs up if you liked the website okay I finished the first coat and I got the accent color on now and Tim’s. wanting a break so I’m going to take a break in making some dinner and then I’ll come back and do just a little a second. coat some of it needs a little just little touch-ups and then the topcoat and then I think we’ll be done so good. thing’s long days right now in June.

here good morning. I this is a new day got up this morning and I just rest on the furniture took an 80 grit sandpaper square went around the edges and just to stress some of the edges so that it looks more natural and I think it looks a lot better now and so now I’m going to be doing the waxing. finish putting on a couple of layers on the top of the table and then all over the chairs and table and then this should be the left step so after last week’s.

silent retreat I mentioned I had a renewed confidence to slow down and do some things that I’ve been putting off tackling for a long time and then a lot of you asked me what they were so I’m going to tell you that one of the things that I hadn’t done was hang these pictures that were kind of all Higley pigley like that was one of the things.

that I had been putting off tackling and so I just slowed down got out the hammers pulled up the nails and lined up those photos but honestly that was one. of the things that I was was a big stumbling block for me the other thing. that I did that I wanted to show you were at my altar now I have this empty chair. and now it’s redone nicely to that is the empty teachers chair so that chair. sits there it’s empty for my teacher.

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when I sit and I do my meditation it’s there for the lineage of teachers for my teaching meal for Reggie rave for chögyam Trungpa rinpoche but it also. sits empty and available always for my inner teacher so it’s a really beautiful thing that you can do besides your altar to put an empty chair so that your teachers can always show up including your inner teacher okay the other thing.

that often overwhelmed me is interior decorating timrie gonna sit there and take credit for all of this now okay so um you know I would never get started at decorating because of this completely. overwhelmed me so when I came back I was so inspired by the lighting on the stairwell which I don’t know why because as a straight light box right here.

I was so overwhelmed by interior decorating but then I was so inspired by community that I decided I wanted to set up a space for us eat together the family so I’m really pleased with how this turned out it did take me almost 24 hours to do this Scott including sleeping so it’s about 12 hours I finished this in 12 hours and now we have a really nice place for our family. to sit him and I will often take breakfast together now because we have time to have breakfast together and we often come together for lunch event and we spent all our days together and we can sit down have dinner together and it’s so nice to have that time you know.

so many times in our culture we’re all pursuing individualist pursuits or honor electronic devices but this is a space that we can come together in conversation and talk and tell our stories and it’s really nice for it to be a nice place now so I hope you like this blog

if you liked it give it a thumbs up let me know what you liked about it in the comments and I will see. you next week it was a hard-working look for me I’m not sure. I’ll do a DIY like this again but probably be back out in the forest again.

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