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Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser Hack (how to)

tiny containers well really the problem
with this is that when you go to refill
you can’t climb underneath your sink

every time to do it and pull the
container out usually most of us pull
out the actual hub and then we go ahead
and we pour our soap in and we can’t
really tell where the soap is so the
soap goes all over

the place well I have
a hack for you that’s going to solve
this problem permanently and easily and
it’s only going to take just a few short
minutes the first thing you need to do
are you’re going to take off this little
piece of tubing so it pulls right out
and so you might need to maneuver it a
little bit but it comes out so you’re
going to reuse this portion of the

actual pumper and you’re going to
purchase a 10-foot roll of polyethylene
tubing in the 5/16 inch size all right
now this is under $3 so this is a really
inexpensive project for you too

so I’m
just going to go ahead and just do a
rough measure of the actual height of
the counter top down to the floor and
that’s the length that I’m going to cut
now it cuts with a simple pair of
scissors just like that so I have the
pumper and I have the end of the tubing
and there’s still a little bit of soap

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in here so it’s going to help maneuver
this piece of tubing in place and so
it’s a tight fit but you’re going to get
, it so just keep pushing until you get it
well seated it’s in there nice and tight
but what I’m doing now is I’m taking a
paper towel and just wiping this off
because I’m going to be applying a
little bit of 100% silicone and you want
this because you don’t want this little
area to leak so I’m just going to go
ahead and
this all along that joint now I’m taking
the other end and I’m gonna cernan it
into that area where the pumper sets and
fishing all the line all the way through
just like that now I’m lucky enough to
have a pumper for a hand soap and a
pumper for dish soap at my kitchen sink
and so when you buy in bulk you get two
of these little soft soap containers and
the great thing about it is that there’s
a cap on it that opens and there’s a
hole in the center and so when you have
to you could take one off and lo and
behold it fits right on top of this
other container and I can open this one
up as well and then I can take my tubing
from the top and I can measure down and
see exactly how long this needs to be to
reach the bottom of the container and
cut it so this gets inserted directly

into that hole it doesn’t need to be
tight what I’m using to secure the
tubing to the cabinet itself is this
little rope lighting fastener you can
use a pipe clamp if you’d like but I had
these laying around and the great thing

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about it is it just slips right over the
tubing and then you can just use one
wood screw to secure it to the cabinet
and make sure that your installation is
nice and tight and that way nothing’s
going to move around and it’ll look nice
and professional so there’s the soap
container all in place the polyethylene
tubing is running from the top and I
have it nicely secured in place

taking another rope light fastener and
I’m just going to put it right in front
of this bottle of soap because I’d like
to secure the soap in place as well and
make sure that doesn’t move around
now I’m using a giant twist tie my twist
tie is about two feet long but you can
purchase these at the store and a
heavier duty version and they’re very
very pliable and you can just insert it
prior to putting this in place mine is
really small so

I’m just going to go
ahead and insert it and move it around
the bottle of soap so that it stays nice
and tight to that corner give it a
couple of twists and that’s secure I’m
doing the same thing to the other side

so I have some silicone here it’s all
set to go and I’m just going to fish it
through all the way my bomb it’s being
inserted into the hole and going all the
way to the bottom of that container and
then I’m just going to push it back into
the corner and secure it in place and
that’s all set let’s see

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how long it
takes to get this to come out and there
we go 50 times of the dish soap comes
out great and the hand soap comes out
great I’ve eliminated the need for these
little tiny soap containers I’ve
increased my capacity for soap I’ve made
it easier to refill by instead of going
above the sink to refill it going below
the sink and just replacing those
containers as they drain out and one

last tip if you find that with your pump
system that you have the 5/16 inch
polyethylene tubing isn’t working and
it’s a little too small go ahead
glue it in place with Gorilla Glue and
then take your silicone after it’s dry
and go ahead and put this all around the
perimeter that will keep everything nice
and secure and in place so that things
won’t go all over the place

so we’ve
managed to improve on
system and actually have more soap on
demand and make it nice and easy and
clean to actually replace the soap so I
hope you’ve enjoyed watching this
project I hope that this is going to be
a nice time saver for you and I hope you
actually wind up doing this it really
only took me about 15 minutes to get
both of these done so you should expect
the same time results for you thank you
so much for read this article

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