How To Make A Kitchen Island

How to Build a Kitchen Island with Wickes

How to build a kitchen island. building an island in your kitchen can really make good use of space and focal point for socializing as well as cooking.

You’ll find a full list of tools and materials you’ll need at the end. first work out the size and placement of your kitchen island, for instance, you might place your island in a triangle near major workspaces like a cooker and a sink.

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Make sure you plan enough aisle space around the island of at least one meter. 20 centimeters. having an overhang at the edge of your worktop can be attractive and useful if you are looking for extra seating space.

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We’re going to build one using two of these modern style kitchen cabinets side by side with a beautiful pre-cut dark oak work table.

Start by assembling your cabinets for more information on this CR film how to build a kitchen cabinet. then place the two cabinets where you want the island to be in your kitchen.

Make sure they are level using a spirit level and adjust by twisting their feet to raise or lower. then clamp the two it’s together with a G clamp. to attach the cabinets together neatly.

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You can hide the connecting screws behind the hinge plates. first remove the hinge plates and drill a hole underneath then screw through to the adjacent cabinet and replace the hinge plate at the back of the cabinets.

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Attached using screws through pre-drilled holes. now you need to construct the outer shell of your island we’re going to use two base units side panels and one breakfast bar back panel these will completely cover the sides and back of the cabinets making a stylish and stable.

Structure to the island first works out. where you will attach your end panels to the floor by laying them out next to the cabinets make sure that the l-shaped. brackets will not be obstructed by the legs of the cabinet then screw the l-shaped brackets into place on the end panel where the panel will meet the floor put two on each end panel to give you the best support then clamp the side.

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Panels back to the cabinets and place. the back panel between them then carefully adjust their positions until you are satisfied use duct tape to hold the three panels together. then carefully slide the cabinets out from the sides and back panels. to the floor using l-shaped bracket.

Use brackets to attach the side to the back as well. then slide the island back between side and back panels. attach the cabinets to the back panel using more l-shaped brackets. side panels to the cabinet drill through the cabinet from the inside using pre marked holes as the combined thickness of the cabinet and the end panel is about 30 millimetres 20 to 25 millimeter.

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Drill depth should suffice and be sure. to use a drill bit size that is less than the width of the screws then screw the cabinet to the side panels to fit the plinth to the bottom of the cabinet first place it at the front of the feet and mark the center point of the feet on the board then screw the bracket centrally to the mark and roughly halfway up the plinth.

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Then slide in the clip finally clip the blimp onto the legs. now place your work surface onto the cabinets and work out exactly how you want it to sit top is 900 millimeters wide we’ll arrange it so it has a 200 millimeter overhang at the back for sitting at using l-shaped brackets drill and attach.

The worktop to the cabinets. you support brackets on the overhang to give extra support. now add the doors to the cabinet see our film how to fit doors and drawers now. your new island is finished and ready to go here is a list of the tools you’ll need. here is a list of the tools you’ll need to make your kitchen island.

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