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I share with you guys some tips and tricks on how to pick the perfect farmhouse sink and make sure you stay tuned to the end because I will also be doing a little kitchen sneak peek.

we are not 100% done, but almost there so from the last time I showed it to you, there have been plenty of changes that I make safe to share with you guys I’ll have an overall tour.

so you can see what everything looks like judging by my last. house update by the comments you guys. are just as obsessed with my farmhouse sink as I am I’m going to be including. some before shot so you can see what the kitchen was like before huge.

a transformation that’s literally an understatement and you’ll see what it was before the sad excuse of the sink. that used to be there as well as the kitchen that we totally designed and it. did ourselves this whole house was DIY no exaggeration and honestly it took me probably four months of research I was up to like 1:00 in the morning seeing.

what would be the perfect sink for me. narrowed it down to the sink ology. Bradstreet white fire clay sink I love it you guys I reached out to sink ology. once an hour down the one that I thought. would be perfect to me they were so kind as to send one ounce means I am going to be narrowing it down to the top three. things that helped me decide which I hope also helps those of you that are in the market for a new sink and that is going to be durability cost and of course aesthetic .

so without further ado. let’s get right into today’s v. the first thing in deciding when it comes to picking up the farmhouse think. that’s going to work for you is actually going to be durability I have a toddler.

so that was really important for me we planned how many more kids .so I knew I wanted something that was going to look beautiful but it also needed to last around my toddler it’s gonna be throwing Forks in there or plastic cups .

you need to make sure that it was going to be something that I don’t have to stress about and worry if she’s going to be ruining it or someone that’s using my sink like my husband’s usually not the most careful in there so what I loved about this farmhouse think it is a fire.

clay sink so there is absolute. guaranteed you guys chipping no scratching and no staining you don’t know what a big deal that is for me. I not only get to have a beautiful apron-front farmhouse think but I don’t have to deal with the stress of worrying about it getting ruined and how you have some like extensive care routine.

always make sure depending on the lifestyle that you have that is going to be suited for your lifestyle and if farmhouse thinks if white isn’t your particular thing sing ecology does have a wide array of options different sizes. drop-ins copper sinks so tons of things for you guys to choose from so that’s.

what I really loved about it I knew, I wanted a farmhouse sink but I was worried honestly .when I first started. looking into them they’re going to be something that lasts for me so this one. you do not need to worry about any of those things and as I mentioned a write on their website.

you can see it is a guarantee that is not going to chip stain or anything like that now on to the second thing that’s really important. when I was researching for my perfect. farmhouse sink was cost can be extremely expensive when I first looked. into them, I honestly almost opted out of getting a farmhouse sink because I felt like it just was not in our budget.

they were just way too expensive I wanted something that was going to look beautiful.I have always dreamed of having a farmhouse sink but I didn’t want to be out of budget since we’re renovating entire house things were quickly adding. up so this one retails for only $4.99.

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which if you guys have been in the market and have done a little bit of research on your own I’m sure you. seeing that this is very affordable. the option you can easily find the psychology farmhouse things right on

they’re easy to shop. which I loved you can see all the options that they have different sizes to see.if it’s going to work for you and you know I’m always about beauty on a I love finding options that I can have in my home.

that is going to be beautiful but I either need to get a sale on it or it needs to be marked at a really great price for me to logically. feel like it’s a good option to be able. to place in my home .so I want something that’s going to last me of course and then be in a very budget-friendly price.

point with families it’s great to have a nice deep sink like this so if it’s at a price point where you can definitely afford it .then I think it works out for everyone you got to have something you love at a price .you can afford the final thing is going to be aesthetic the number one mistake I hear people say is I love a farmhouse sink but I don’t have farmhouse style now.

that is absolutely. wrong you do not need to have a farmhouse kitchen to have a farmhouse sink my kitchen once you guys see it in just a bit .when I show you the tour it is very glam modern all-white has pops of gold in it very glamorous large.

pendant lighting in gold I have in there and my farmhouse thing still goes it’s all white it has the apron front which I personally wanted but if that’s not something that you feel like goes with your taste but you do want something deep you can go for ones that are drop-ins they also have copper ones. which all my gosh when I saw them .

They are so beautiful gorgeous copper sinks in different styles so if that goes for more your taste if you have like a Mediterranean type of Flair. you can definitely do something like that. this is like dark cabinetry I think it would look absolutely beautiful .

so, don’t ever feel like you can’t go at the farmhouse thing because you don’t have farmhouse style you, of course, want to make sure it goes with the aesthetic and the whole design and layout of your kitchen .

because it is going to be a focal point. mine is a 30-inch farmhouse sink so it works perfectly I feel like the size the depth everything just works great for our lifestyle or family and it definitely. goes with the whole aesthetic of my kitchen , which you guys will see compare. it to other front cross sinks I love that the front of it is very classic and simple

I feel like that’s why very versatile and able to go with a lot of different looks whether you have a transitional style a modern style you can definitely incorporate it in and it’ll still look really beautiful ,so always keep that in mind and look at your various options.

don’t be so that reminded when you’re doing your research and it literally is my dream sing and my dream kitchen .so, I’m not talking I’m sure you guys are ready to see the sneak peek so we’ll. head on downstairs I’ll be flipping the camera around. so you can see all the kitchen and let them right guys .so we are now downstairs this is an overview of the kitchen just looking back into like this little hallway behind at my couch area .

we have all of our pendant lights fully up then we put the hardware in for over here these are actually cabinets that open up so we’re able to have storage like that we are missing. one they send us one large instead of one small .so here I’ve just kind of been storing some of Milla’s toys this way those are out of the way since we have an overabundance of storage in this kitchen which is really great this is what our countertop looks like it is a quartz for those of you are getting a lot of questions on it is from the reliance brand and the color is called Lincoln .

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if you can see there’s very minimal veining which is what I wanted. and the veining is almost like a grays. it’s not a gray it’s a little bit of beige upholstery twith the backsplash. this is what the hardware looks like I decided to go with these larger ones for all of the uppers so as you can see. there as well as the drawers that we did and this gap right here’s her microwave.

which if you can see is right over there on the countertop for now because Mike still has to do a couple of like wiring. for it to go in its actual place it. shouldn’t bother me having a huge. microwave there but probably this week.

we’ll be tackling that and then here is our backsplash I absolutely love it we have not yet routed so it’s not yet. complete he just went ahead and installed this entire back wall so far and then we still have to do this piece. over here so this I want to say this whole section took him two full days.

because if you can see I’d wanted a herringbone pattern that is a lot more. labor of love and takes a lot more time. but it is a marble 3×6 honed I know the polish marvel would be like easier to clean and what not but I personally love like the honed matte. finish same thing the backsplash and this particular marble that I selected. it is I believe I can’t remember the exact name from now but when I do my full kitchen reveal and everything is 100% done.

I’ll of course be telling you. where everything is from the name the brand’s the colors of everything in case. any of you are interested I know a few of you said .you’re going to be doing some remodels and you would love to know.

so this same thing is like a grayish. type of marble so it goes really nicely. along with the gold hardware since that is warmer I wanted to pull some warmth. into the countertops with this veining. here and then we can actually add this hole right here is for a pot filler a gold pot filler that I ordered I can’t wait to put that in because same thing.

that’s gonna bring a pop of gold to the background like on this end my sliding doors right here out to my backyard and then this is my 18 inch floor-to-ceiling pantry then we have all these drawer. cabinets art besides my pendant lights are definitely in my farmhouse sink you, guys can see how nice it looks especially with the gold handle here.

when I’m washing dishes we have already. had a tons of guests over in our house. I’ve just been able to be here washing. dishes and everything like that while still chatting with my guests everyone. that comes over they love this feature as well just because I don’t feel like. I’m separated I can get the dishes wash.

I don’t put it off so I could chat with my guests I can tackle both at once so, that’s always great this is the little sneak peek of what the kitchen looks like so far like I said we still have to add the microwave where it’s supposed to be finish up the backsplash add the pot filler and then a couple of more details and decorating it all and then it will be complete and ready for the reveal .

but I feel like this is a pretty good idea. to tell you guys and show you what it’s looking like I know you’ve been excited. to see so be sure to thumbs up this article.

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