Dual Control Heated Mattress Pad Queen

Heated Queen Mattress Pad

I would like a comforter in it. yes but we’re continuing with the idea. of luxury in the bedroom, there’s my favorite of mine all-time favorite of mine I love this night I mean a lot of mattress pads. I don’t just tell you because it’s you know what she’s so Ellen I sold tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of mattress pads here at HSN we have one of the best ideas in mattress pads right.

now and it is a foundation piece for your bed of course and it’s heated if you want it to be it’s heated if your sleeping partner wants it to be or not. and you don’t have to turn on the lights. to deal with the control and notice the look. I have one to say that’s why this makes. such a good presence yes because you have dual controls so you have your set. your side of heating and I have mine.

how beautiful is that oh my gosh it’s a great idea okay there you go it’s an on and off and also easy up and down. buttons to control it I don’t know if the light is blasting out the LED but oh. can you angle it again Ellen can yeah? you can lay the control it’s nice and big it’s a nice digital display. oversized and it’s on an eight right now.

if you can coming up but take my word for it it’s an eight okay so I’m at a four okay and that’s the thing. there are 10 heat settings on this oh my gosh excuse me you know if you’re doing. that with the old heated blankets this. takes it to an entirely new level because there’s a big difference between heat on top of your body and heat underneath not my best angle but I don’t care isn’t. that right nice this is very nice I’ll a. nice oh it’s a genius idea.

you know like when you’re really cold and you have a cup of hot. tea or you have a cup of hot cocoa or oh. that cafe au lait and it’s just like oh. like everything’s gonna be okay because. it’s warm that’s what this is like. you’re just gonna be like melting into this bed when a bed is made really well. there’s a really famous talk-show hosts.

who now has her own channel bad magazine and she calls them butter beds because you get into the bed. you melt I’ve always loved that she thought of beds and finally made like that and that is how I feel about this. whole platinum line I love this idea I mean if you ever if you’ve ever been. lucky enough to go for a massage and you get on the massage yeah and it’s completely like a little warm heat okay.

so that is what comes to mind for me. this is something that is a foundation. piece but if you live in a colder. climate or even if you just want the nice thing about this is you have ten. controls so whether you just want a soft. subtle beat whether you just want to pre-heat your bed so in those cold. months when you go climbing in it’s not. icy cold of course.

if you want a low level of temperature control all you awfully good idea it’s. such a great idea that’s always colder. than the rest of the house that drafting. another home a being couldn’t be insulated properly or who wants to deal. with that okay and the deep pocket is large collections 22 – so one of the deepest we’ve ever done you also have a blended cotton polyester fiber on the top it’s quilted it has a little bit of. loft in this and you know why that’s.

there to mask the wires the wires are. really thin they’re masked within a quilting and a fill so they’re really. hard to detect yeah yeah so you really. don’t feel them and they are zone so that you have two zones on anything. full-size and larger you’re gonna get two controllers so let’s think about. that are you always cold and your husband’s always hot I think that. happens a lot. he doesn’t have to turn his side on at. all and you can play with yours and set. it from to not have a turn eight to nine.

all night you can really adjust this I love the preheat feature I think it’s. genius because who doesn’t want to climb. into a already toasty warm burst of course okay very very busy right now. this is brand new in terms of being part of our premiere here at HSN for the Platinum Collection of concierge. collection so in the world of textiles and then so many things there is good better best

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we are launching a. new line at HSN from the trusted brand of concierge collection it is the Platinum and I keep putting the word. premium women. in my head you know in good better best. this is best it’s not just in my head. our buyers have been working I believe our design to be fast so if you’ve been looking for that luxury bedding. an experience that largely sleeps experience.

how about this you go to bed you’re cold right in the middle of the night. oh my gosh I’m so hot what in the world. no problem because you’re. gonna be able to turn this and turn it. off turn it down and let’s talk about. some mechanics I think we were talking with the throw 5-year warranty so again. you know get resolved that’s amazing. yeah and then all the same features. machine washable you have the detachable. heating element so you throw this in the machine it has an auto safety shutoff so you don’t have to worry about that and you have 10 temperature settings you know so many of your heating elements.

that are out there and they can be very pricey actually give you one two maybe three tops he’s said in this has 10 heat. settings and why I love that is you can. really customize it you can find what. works with you you know you can I would. say when you’re when you’re preheating.

your bed I’m gonna turn it up to one of. the higher settings get into bed and. then ease it off you know ease it back. to maybe like three or four right to find what works with you it’s funny. there I wouldn’t eat showing up you can. have the on/off it’s all lit it’s a nice. display I think these are beautifully. done as well not great bright so it’s. not gonna keep you up Hockley you can put it on your bedside you could put it. underneath your bed these have nice long. cords as just a throw so that you really. get you don’t have to tangle with me.

let’s have the outlet right next to the bed exactly and I love that this has. just that tiny amount of quilting so that it’s not gonna interfere with what you already have on your bed so maybe if you want to add this but you don’t want. to add a lot of loft and fluff this one. will just leave something for you coming. up if you want that by the way that is my favorite I like that we have a triple. layer it’s like a wedding cake of a mattress topper coming up but in the meanwhile this is the only one that. heats and you still get to wash it and you don’t even have to have the heating elements

you know the no I didn’t if you. don’t want it can still just be your mattress pad and maybe that’s what you use most of the year and then on those. few really cold nights you plug in the controls or. maybe you’re like oh my gosh it’s like. Chopra it’s already killing gonna be cold it’s snowing whatever or all of a sudden you just get that chill maybe.

someone’s not feeling well and you want to give them extra comfort here is the way to do that it used to be just. electric blankets not anymore this is totally a new day now I always was afraid I was going to catch fire with beam under an apparatus yeah I mean and you couldn’t wash them so what do you know is wrong and the idea don’t to me.

there’s a big difference between having. heat underneath your body then heat over. the top of you because the thing is when you’re underneath heat you don’t cover. your head you don’t have it this is. underneath your entire body radiates up and what I think of too is you know. sometimes you know you just don’t feel. well or maybe you’re really tired. and you just need that little bit of warmth you know how it just makes you sleepy it’s just kind of it’s very soothing it’s a great way to just if you have trouble relaxing the whole thing. yeah that flex payment by the way does expire so it’s temporary we’re excited.

that you’re here and you know you go check into a five-star hotel which is what concierge collection is founded on they don’t have heated mattress pads you do and this is that upgrade so often we will make the rest of the house look. beautiful because company is coming and people are coming over and we want to put out oh you know our best face. forward okay time to get real what is. the most important thing we do every single day in terms of health and well-being relaxation and balance a lot of people would agree that it is a good night’s sleep.

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which is why I’m so excited about those. ceiling mattresses tomorrow and excited about this heated mattress pad because. you’re gonna have that luxurious. relaxing experience and I say when it. comes to sleep do whatever you can to hedge your bets to make sure it’s not. three o’clock in the morning and your eyes pop wide open and you start reading. the magazine.

because you can’t go back to sleep. is what happened to me last night here’s. what you need to do you need to really. get this and try it if you’re not happy. we’re not happy there’s that extended. holiday gift for up guarantee all the. way until the end of January so you can. clearly give this a good test it’s a. perfect gift idea it is an amazing gift. anybody who’s getting married in. December or the holiday season anybody. having a ninth anniversary like me in. December I would welcome this as an. anniversary present that would be. fantastic. anyway, you get the idea it just is so. it’s so comforting that’s what we want.

when we finally hit the head right it. It really is and you know it’s funny when I. went to visit my cousin in North. Carolina and she had one of these she. did her guest bed oh and I’m you know I. know I’m so special and so pampered if. you live where it’s colder even if it’s. not it’s here even when it gets cold. it’s cold to me because I’m not used to it. it. this is a tool that you can use or not. you don’t have time the native implement. yes you have to have the heating element. on this now what I love about it and. remember with the ten heat settings it. can be just a soft subtle heat I mean. you can turn it way up here I have it on. the eight it goes all the way up to ten. which you’ll go to that age which is the. the high heat setting all the way back down.

remember you’re getting two controllers. on anything over a twin so you have that. zoned heat meaning that your partner can. have theirs on or off they can have. theirs on a four you can have yours on. an eight you can completely have yours. own personalized heating element and. section of your bed it also has that. auto-shutoff it’s completely machine. washable you can just take the heating. element off and remember it is a. mattress pad. so it’s washable it’s that layer of. protection and even when you’re not. using it with the heat it’s still gonna. protect your bed fit your bed and stay. in place. that’s what else could we ask for I’m. Julissa we sell even here at HSN. fantastic mattress pads that are this. price with no heating element we can no. here. I mean really they’re great but yeah. this is good better bastards, yes and a five-year warranty no lien idea I think.

I just think it’s one of those ways I. don’t know why we didn’t think of it. sooner. we’re just glad the technology has. arrived you’re here right now loving. this too we do not have 2000 we do not. even have 1500 and so if you want this. remember we do have your twin it comes. with one control we have your queen your. king and it’s all the same thing did you. notice the retail compared 39.95 for our. largest size so when you’re. getting this know that no matter what. size you get it’s great but you have the benefit of it if you decide to go for. one of the larger sizes you’ve got that. great pricing no matter what plus the 3 flex payments so for under $25 a month. times 3 plus your shipping and handling. on that first payment it’s great and if. you’re not usually shopping with us at. HSN know that we welcome eight different. credit cards usually it’s 30 day. satisfaction happy guarantee but. right now because its gift season it’s. all the way through the end of January. so try it out think about this as a. fabulous present for a couple for just your daughter who’s now just moving to your daughter who’s now just moving to North Dakota.

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