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you show that the gorgeous the stools there that we’re at the island and now we’re gonna talk a little. bit about what you need to be looking for if you are going out there for a stool the options are just endless there. pretty much exactly I think the most important thing though is measure I can’t tell you how many times.

I have a client call and say you know I found this beautiful stool I bought it and it’s too high so there’s a difference. there’s a bar stool and a counter stool. so you have to be careful when you’re doing when you’re selecting that oh so a counter stool is one that you’re standing beside here that’s 24 inches. high to the top of the seat so that’s. made for a 36 inch high counter height. right that would be called a counter stool and this is called a bar stool and this is 30 inches high to the top of the seat plus or minus but typically around 30 inches high and that’s for a 42 inch. high countertop so there’s a difference and these are standard sizes standard.

sizes readily available yeah but you don’t want to get this home and then have to cut the legs absolutely not now. these are you know reasonably priced. these are from Ikea but still that’s not something you’re gonna want to do when you go home so mess absolutely so these are from Ikea and so what I like about this is it’s a painted finish so nice and durable

if you have young kids it’s great because you can throw a cushion on there if you want right it’s going to be very easy to keep clean the other thing that’s nice about a lot of these options is that it has a footrest on it so it’s great for getting up there and and what it’s more comfortable when you’re sitting as well absolutely so they can still color on this though can’t they okay I was just checking now I love this one it’s. leather it’s leather I love it the hit of color again it’s nice and light so this would be great even for a smaller space or a condo where you know.

you’re looking to get some extra seating at the island or Peninsula but you don’t have a lot of space so it’s a small footprint and I love the hit of color and leather is nice as well I suggest. you sit on these before you get them.

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because you want your touch to be relaxed if you’re having a long meal and also I like the backs I like having a stool with a bat backs are nice if you’re sitting for a long time because it’s gonna be a lot more comfortable the back lifts are nice if you sort of want the stool to disappear and you want to tuck it underneath or if you don’t have a lot of room and there’s not a big.

overhang those are nice backless are nice just to keep them out of the way absolutely so this one looks really nice and compact yeah this is very compact. it’s stackable and this is actually $20. I think from Ikea. oh my god yeah so a realistic budget. conscious one really good price. inexpensive okay so these are the ones I have we slipcovered them yeah we found.

our own fabric and got slipcovers made which is great because there’s spaghetti. sauce on almost every set we had done so you’ve got right up you have put on another set fine and these are actually. slipcovered so you can take them off and it’s a nice you know easy way to keep it clean and durable and they come in lots of different fabrics and fun colors

so that’s a great option it’s comfy too I might add it looks comfy I love this sort of. lacquered finish yeah this high polished. it’s a plastic finish and again super. durable if you have kids it’s also compact and lightweight so it’s stackable as well so a really good option if you’re not one you spend a lot of money and you want something still.

that’s going to look good and be comfortable you know what I like about lightweight as well I mean we have four stools and we can really only fit three so it’s easy to move that extra one out. when we need it and move it away when we don’t so you do want something you can pick up and carry sure the other thing. too is that you mentioned as you know.

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when you’re looking to see how many stools you can fit at your island you want to make sure that you leave about three to four inches between the stools. because you have to get in there so you don’t want it to be so tight where you can’t even get in or access it. absolutely when you’re thinking about that boat you also want to make sure if you’re getting a swivel stool yeah that.
you leave a little bit more space because obviously when it’s swiveling. you’re gonna needs a bit more room to get in that one is cute this is really. cute so this is also again from Kia it’s hydraulic so it can be adjustable in the height which is great because you could use this at a regular table height a counter height or a bar height and it’s very durable nice it’s very sleek yeah I love that oh okay and this one’s beautiful this is got a little bit of a back going on it’s beautiful the detailing in the back now this is from.go Chae and again it’s a hydraulic stool.

it’s great because you can use this. at different counter heights so flexible. if you move to a different house you’re still gonna be able to take this along with you and use it at any counter. height it’s leather and it’s also got a little bit of a back on it so again very comfortable to sit in and you can feel. it’s pretty squishy it’s no important and then this one which is just more. like there it’s very sculptural very sleek and very modern I love this.

because it is similar to a backless chair it has that little return at the back but again it will give you a little. bit more comfort than something that doesn’t have any back on it, Rand, I just love the clean lines of it and it’s very modern contemporary so this would be great in a very clean line kitchen she is one good-looking store I like her. legs I know very nice right I can get. away with the same time, it’s just a chair of people this is Stacy thanks for.that lesson that is great I love the options out there let’s go to break.

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