Covered Kitchen Sink

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DIY RV Sink Cover | How to Make a CHEAP RV Sink Cutting Board

on our project to-do list is to cover up our sink with some with a cutting board type situation. we didn’t want to purchase one because it would. have would have had to be custom-made and that’s really expensive.

Covered Kitchen Sink
Covered Kitchen Sink
DIY RV Sink Cover
DIY RV Sink Cover

so we bought a piece of wood of our own at Lowe’s and now Garrett is making the little corner. templates for it let me show you the piece of wood .so we’ve been keeping it back here and it’s just like a solid piece of oak that we got it Lowe’s for like 40 bucks and so that’s what we’re gonna use we’re gonna cut it in half around the corners sand it and then we also got some cutting board oil that.

we’re gonna put on top of it to make it food safe and really shiny hopefully it works we’ve never done anything like this before it’s an experiment that’s. for sure but I have all the faith you. can tear it he always makes all my projects come to life alright.

we’ve got our line drawn everything’s all measured. out for this the first side of the sink. so we’re gonna do this in two parts. we’ll have it split down the middle .so, that way you can put the faucet on like either side and still use the water and that’ll just be split with one side you. know having a cutting board and then you can put the other one like to the side or something but the challenge of this is gonna be like cutting it because you don’t have like sawhorses or anything.

we are gonna use the skill saw which has come in handy so much we love that thing. it’s the greatest little tool , so that’s how we’re gonna cut it but we don’t know. what we’re gonna cut it on so we’re gonna have to get creative.

okay, this is how we’re gonna cut it. sit on it in the Jeep like this it’s. gonna hang over Garrett’s gonna cut it see if this goes it’s a pretty sunset. so that’s not really going very much I’m not staying very straight I was all in the laser will not follow the laser.

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follow the line shoot I it’s fine. being off the touch is high until he gave extra room. oh, it didn’t come out super straight the actual blade was bending well the first time I definitely screwed up how I started but then at that point I picked a new line and the like the indicator on the saw that tells you whether or not.

you’re on the line I was on the line the whole time but I noticed that the saw the actual blade was kind of bending .so, I have a stiffer blade now so hopefully that helps now we’re using Garrett’s little template to make the little rounded edges just ever so slightly and then that should be it for the cutting .

we’re gonna try this,I don’t really think it’s gonna work. you never think anything’s ever gonna work. that’s fine I mean just don’t start .so, far this way next time just literally cut off the corner that’s pretty good. hey, that looks pretty good it’s solid -. that’s not gonna like pop it and you know as the other one did so where do you want the holes to like pick it up or do we even need it which way do you want it should go out.

oh yeah looks good this. the line was so straight the new the thicker blade that I used for this line. definitely helped it. does it’s not bad though we can just? like shape this up and when we sand it. no, I think when you sand it, man, this is gonna be dope.

I think hole here I was gonna do hole up. at the top okay last bit of daylight here we go drilling this hole. I might have to get a bigger bet to make this happen you think and I don’t want to just go Boop, yeah you need like one of those flat drill bits that have like the blade right you know, I’m talking about so we decided just to use.

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the wrong tool for the job like we do for most things when it comes to RV life and it turned out pretty good I say good enough. I’m gonna sand it so that’ll help it a bit give us a character yeah. definitely gives it a character all right.

we’ve got two holes and they’re pretty. close this is not the right way to use this drill yeah I just kind of angled it. a little bit and just kind of spun it. around and jiggle it to get it to be a big hole. you should definitely probably screwed up the drill but whatever not the drill.

the bed yeah it’s fine now we just have to sand everything and then we lit up. the cutting board looks really great all. that’s left is to put some rubber feet on the bottom and we ordered those from Amazon and they should be here later on this week so the feet for a cutting board came in and we opted not to put them on because they’re just a little bit tall and we liked how the sat pretty flush and I doesn’t appear to be like hurting the sink in any way .

when we travel I’ve just been like turning them. sideways and setting them in the sink. rather than like leaving them on the top. so I think we’re gonna do without the feet, for now, we’re gonna keep them just in case you want to add them later but for now, they’re just gonna go in ours. little everything storage bin if we decide to put them on we can but that. wraps up the cutting board project we love it .so much I can’t believe we went this long without having it it’s great I had to oil it a couple more times just to really get it all soaked in well yeah. that’s great it’s been awesome so thanks a reading article.

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