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So to paste a table these legs are gonna wind up understanding about four. And a half foot and a half a quarter inches squared and so what I’ve done is I’ve ripped the bits I want the legs 36 inches so I’ve ripped. These nicely I have cut these pieces off in 38 inches to provide me an extra inch on each end. Then I’ve ripped them to three and three-quarters of an inch because I’m gonna place a veneer on every side.

I think, within there I will cut down one of these boards another board in half and glue it to each side and then trim. That when you look at the look at it. It won’t look like it’s built up like. This the next thing we have got to do. Is get the paste put on these and get a plant that is what I am gont perform next.

I like to just take a piece of timber and smear it. All right so I’ve got it clamped and that’s likely to sit for a few hours. Before I take the clamps off and before I began I set down some paper this is a few underlayment newspapers you can get like at Home Depot it is sort of nice to keep your seat from becoming covered in glue.

Since I have been working on this I’ve been in work so I only wanted to figure out you understand there’s a crack. Right in here that didn’t get completely pulled together you understand. Since what I did was I put some rough boards in between you know with a few pretty good-sized knots and divides and all sorts of things all right these are is just filler and so the next matter.

We have got to perform with this today is get it.

You know if you do not have a plane. You are gonna need to use either a hand. A plane you can use an electric hand plane. You could use a jointer to do this. There are plenty of unique ways to do it. But for me that is gonna be the simplest. Because I can very easily do this apartment and get this aspect parallel to flat and it and then return on my jointer and get these two 90-degree now.
When you enter these up you’re going to get some squeeze from your own glue. This one I clearly put way too much. Glue on but let it sit for about one hour and after that gets you a broad putty. Knife and return type of knock off. It’s going sort of come off just like pudding. There the thickened glue because when you return to airplane this later you do not want those knobs of glue. Sticking up since it is gonna make them. Hard that you get it flat and then today.

That it’s dry I’ll come back and sit. Like I’ve got hardened piece of paste there and that I will just chip off that. That the planer or you run into the jointer or you use a hand plane or anything your enemies gonna run on top of the adhesive and kind of knock off you flat so the more little bumps and stuff you may get off. Before you begin planing the better you are but that’s ready it’s don’t you understand.

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It’s not perfect but that’s prepared to begin plaintiff I am getting ready to run. This through and I have gotten this is how my thickness is here you know so I will start right there I want to begin shallow and gradually work my way down to find these even death.

All right now I said slowly I one. The pass obtained that entirely cleaned up thus. I will just run the other three and then I’m gonna flip them over like this and run it one more time for they don’t forget this place so now we wish to find this edge parallel or traveled 90 degrees to this edge and so what we’re going to do. Is, first of all, you have to ensure that your fence is at 90 degrees and you’re gonna maintain it level to this back fence okay so that we now have ours.

We are nice and square and now what we got to do this we have a flat piece here and a flat piece here so now we got to do is cover this edge where are these. Individual boards so that it measures out. These measure it seven and three eighths and so that’s probably gonna be my final. dimension somewhere right around there.

Perhaps a quarter three and three quarters or something like that. It is not all that critical but I’m going to cut some bits that are probably 4 and 1/8 that I am gonna glue to the side and this side to cover up that lamination. Today, these planks I could use one on each side but I would not have to play with them. Down to almost nothing when I got through, so I’m going to rip take these and tear them in half that way I just have to use half this moment you can perform.

This on a bandsaw, however, I’m going to run them during my circulars my table saw. All right so I have these pieces. Ripped into so I’m gonna take the flat side a blue end on this aspect where you are able to see different planks that we are putting together you now want to try and match your up grain just a bit and watch.

I’ve got a white stripe right here so I’m gonna take this obtained a white streak. Here I’m gonna put there so that fits that up pretty great and what I am doing is I’m gonna move one. Side of this so I’m gont move this on. Here and then I’m gonna run it through my planer to acquire this side flat and then I’ll come back and glue another one.

I will put both of them now I won’t be able to just run it through the planer. Since it may get it out of square so that way it’ll guarantee that I don’t have to return to the jointer attempt to get one of the corners square yeah to do. I’m only blooming them just like I did until a small bit of glue and hitting it with a foam roller and you also know if like I’ve already done half of them and so I did not need my foam roller to wash so you simply wrap it into some saran wrap and it’ll stay nice and wet that you do it another the next moment.

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Now you’re gont likely want to put quite a few clamps on here since you want to make sure to want to appear down. This advantage right here and ensure you have good content and I want to overhang either side only a tiny bit so I’m kind of centering them all right.

That’s got a clamp which you could view you can not have too many claims but since I went back and seemed I’d cracks where. I wished to return and pull down that. Tighter so it took a couple more than that which. I had originally well it’s the next morning these are glued on there and I’m going to take them over to the planer and lock this side of that will allow it to be parallel to the backside then flip them on and I’ll go the last piece that I do so I’ll find a plane to the correct thickness.

Here so we’re flat on both sides. Now and so the next thing I have to deal with is today I’ve this overhang. Here and when I just try to run this through the planer, first of all, it is not flat and I’d want it probably using a emphasize on here so what I’m don’t perform next. Is have a router and this has an I’ve only got a trim bit in here it’s got a little bearing down here that are run together here and it’ll cut this advantage. Flush on this side and I’m gonna do that on all four legs this is actually the four legs and I only want to show you this view, oh now this white paint is really where I sawmill the logs and that I pay the inn’s white so that they wouldn’t assess a number of that but simply to show you the paste upon them and then here is the thin veneer.

We put on and I have gotten them all. Playing to dimension now and the next thing will be I will get them cut to length and then I’ve only got to around across the corners and then mortise them to maintain the rails which will eventually hold the temple. Now I am mortising outside the grooves into the legs and I’m using a mortising machine but you also understand I’m certain you are most likely not going to have just one of those probably.

Nobody is gonna create this table anyhow should you of course if you know if you don’t have a mortising machine that you can use a router to cut out these you can do them by hand. You can do quite a bit of it around the table saw but they’re pretty deep so that you’d have to chisel out the final piece of it a bit there are a lot of different ways to create mortises but this is just the way I am doing it because I have the machine. That veneer to the piece and it also. Makes it smooth and friendly to touch and this really is the test piece I’ve found but I’m gonna take every one the legs and run them through this router this is that eighth of an inch round-over piece and I’m just going to run it on every advantage. Corners and the base.

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