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So to paste a desk these thighs are gonna end up understanding about four. Plus a half foot and a half a five inches squared and what I have done is I have ripped the bits I need the legs 36 inches so I have ripped. These nicely I have cut off these pieces in 38 inches to provide me an excess inch on each end. Then I have ripped them and three-quarters of an inch since I am gonna place a veneer on every side.

I think, within there I will cut down these boards another plank in half and paste it to every side and trim. It will not seem like it is built up like. This the next thing we have got to perform. Is get the paste put on those and receive a plant that is what I am gont perform next.

I like to simply have a sheet of timber and smear it. All right so I have it clamped and that is likely to sit for a few hours. Before I take off the clamps and before I began I set down some newspaper this is a few underlayment newspapers you’ll be able to get like at Home Depot it is sort of nice to keep your seat from becoming covered in paste.

Since I have been working with this I have been in work so I only wanted to figure out you understand there is a crack. Right in here that did not get fully pulled together you understand. Since what I did was that I set some tough boards between you to understand with a few fairly good-sized knots and divides and all sorts of things all right these really are is simply filler and the next matter.

We have got to perform with this today is get it done.

You know if you do not have a plane. A plane’s possible to use an electric hand airplane. You may use a jointer to get this done. There are plenty of unique ways to perform it. But for me that is gonna be the simplest. Since I could very easily do this apartment and find this aspect parallel to flat and it and then return in my jointer and find both of these 90-degree now.
When you enter these up you are likely to find some squeeze from your own glue. Knife and return type of knock away. It’s going sort of come off just like pudding. There the thickened adhesive because when you return to airplane this later you do not need those knobs of adhesive. Sticking up since it is gont create them. Difficult that you receive it level and then today.

That it is dry I’ll return and sit. Like I have hardened part of paste there and that I will just chip off that. That the planer or you run into the jointer or you also use a hand plane or anything your enemies gonna operate on top of the adhesive and type of knock off you flat so the more small lumps and stuff you may get off. Before you begin planing the greater you are but that is prepared it is do not you understand.

It is not ideal but that is prepared to begin plaintiff I am preparing to run. This through and I have gotten this is the way my thickness is here you understand so I will begin right there I wish to begin shallow and gradually work my way down to find this death.

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All right now I stated I one. The pass obtained that entirely cleaned up thus. I will just run another three and I’m gonna flip them like this and run it one more time because they do not overlook this location so today we wish to find this advantage parallel or traveled 90 degrees for this advantage and so what we are likely to do. Is, to begin with, you have to ensure your fence is at 90 degrees and you’re gonna maintain it level to the back fence okay therefore that we currently have ours.

We are fine and square and what we have to perform this we’ve got a level bit here and a horizontal piece here now we must do is cover this specific advantage where are these. Individual boards so that it steps out. These step it seven and three-eighths and so that is likely gonna function as closing.

It is not really that critical but I’m going to cut some bits which are likely 4 and 1/8 that I am gonna paste to the side and this aspect to pay that lamination. Today, these planks I really could use one on every side but I would not need to play with them. Down to nearly nothing once I got through, so I will tear take these and tear them in half which way I just have to use half this moment you can perform.

All right so I have these bits. Ripped into so I am gonna take the horizontal side a blue finish on this aspect where you are able to observe different boards that we are putting together you now wish to attempt and coordinate with your up grain just a bit and watch.

Here I am gonna place there so that fits up that pretty great and what I am doing is I’m gonna move one. Side of the I’m gont move this on.

I will put them now I will not be able to run it through the planer. Since it may get it from square so that it’ll guarantee I do not need to return to the jointer attempt to have one of those corners square yeah to perform. I’m only blooming them like I did until a small bit of adhesive and hitting it with a foam roller and you also understand if like I have done half of these and so I did not need my foam roller to wash so you simply wrap it into a saran wrap and it is going to stay nice and moist that you do it another the next moment.

Now you are gont likely wish to place many clamps on here since you would like to ensure to would like to appear down. This advantage right here and ensure you have great content and I wish to overhang either side only a tiny bit so I am sort of centering them right.

That has got a clamp which you could view you may not have too many promises but since I went back and seemed I’d cracks where. I wished to return and pull down that. Tighter so it required a couple more than that which. I’d originally well it is another morning these are glued on the market and I will take them over into the planer and lock the side of that will allow it to be parallel to the buttocks then flip them on and I will go the final piece I do so I will find a plane into the appropriate depth.

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Here we’re flat on either side. Today so the next thing I have to cope with is today I have this overhang. Here and when I only try to run this through the planer, to start with, it is not flat and I’d want it likely using a emphasize on here what I’m gont perform. Is have a router and this has an I have only got a cut bit in here it has got a bit bearing down that are run together here and it’s going cut this advantage. Flush on this aspect and I am gonna do this on all four legs that this is actually the four legs and I only need to show you this opinion, oh today this white paint is really where I sawmill the logs and that I cover the inn’s white so that they would not assess a number of this but simply to show you the paste upon them and then here is the thin veneer.

We put on and I have gotten all of them. Now I am mortising outside the grooves to the legs and I am employing a mortising machine but you also understand I’m certain you are most likely not likely to have just one of these likely.

Nobody is gonna create this dining table anyhow should you, of course, should you know whether you do not possess a mortising machine which you may use a router to reduce out these you can do them. You can do a lot of it around the table saw but they are pretty deep so that you’d need to chisel out the final piece of it a bit there are a lot of unique approaches to creating mortises but that is simply the way I am doing it because I’ve got the machine. That veneer to the piece plus it also. Makes it easy and friendly to touch and this really is the test piece I’ve found but I am gonna take everyone the legs and operate them via this router that is the eighth of an inch round-over piece and I am going to run it on each advantage. Corners and the base.

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