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The best mattress is under $500 that’s what we’re covering in today’s video let’s get to it. okay I forgot to introduce myself I’m Jeff Rizzo from my slumber yard calm we have reviewed I think close to 110 different beds and we narrowed it down to what we think are the best under $500 for the queen-size so we’re gonna go through our entire list but I want to let you know that we’ve done individual reviews of all of them so you know I’ll go quicker I can’t do a full review of each of them in today’s Article so if you check out everything in the description there’s a lot to look at like I said the individual reviews and comparisons and a bunch of related content if we have discounts on them or coupons or something we’ll put those down there as well we don’t always but you can check that out in the description and then also all of the beds come with completely free shipping that’s whether or not you buy through Amazon or through the brand they’ll have some sort of test window

I think the majority have free returns so you can check out more information like I said in our full reviews let’s get started with our cheap pick the one that is actually over five hundred dollars and that is Bowery so Bowery if you apply a discount which we should have that in the description down below the queen-size is just over five hundred dollars it was so close that we felt like look it has to be on this list like it’s basically a five hundred dollar mattress it’s made in the United States it’s really comfortable we kind of consider it like a substitute for Casper so if you can’t afford Casper prices but you want a soft foam neutral foam bed that’s really comfortable.

that’s from a reputable brand that’s bowring so Bowery has I’d say about a medium firmness profile maybe just a hair softer so really good for all sleeping positions and it’s a safe pick like the majority of the people read article if you’re buying for your guestroom or your kids or for college or something and you want an affordable. safe pick of a mattress you really don’t need to go any farther than Bowery.

I know it’s just over five hundred dollars with the discount but it’s so close that I think a lot of people will really enjoy the bed now for our editors pick the one that like I close my eyes I think of a five hundred dollar bed and I’m like astounded that it’s actually.

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five hundred dollars by the way under five hundred dollars all’s well so all’s well is made in the United States. it’s actually owned by Walmart although. you I don’t for I’ve not seen it in any Walmart locate. but I’m actually surprised that the price point is this low so the MSRP is under five hundred dollars and you can find discounts on it that bring it even down farther than that so you can check that out in the description it has six inch pocketed coils for durability for balance to make it easier to switch positions and it has more of a neutral. profile though it does use memory foam and those top layers it’s a little bit firmer closer to a medium firm maybe between a medium and a medium firm but it’s so affordable and it has all the trappings of like a nicer mattress that to me

I think probably the majority of people should get the Olive Oyl mattress. I just really like it maybe not if you’re a strict side sleeper that’s. that’s more petite it won’t have the pressure relief for you right away and in that case I’d say the Bowery but all’s well is seriously hard to beat but. if there’s one bed that could possibly beat all’s well. it is the nest flip mattress so this is an Amazon exclusive bed it can obviously buying it on Amazon it’s extremely affordable maybe not as affordable as all as well but certainly under $500 and it has coils but it has a flippable design so it has one size.

that’s a little bit like kind of in that medium range and one side that’s in that medium firm range so if you sleep mostly on your back or your stomach shroud to firmer side if you sleep mostly on your side trout them then you know the medium side so I like that it has that versatility we tried out this bed and we’re like oh eh how is the price point. that’s low and be its underrated like it’s a very nice bed and it has that faux bubble design could be good if you’re looking to get as much life as you can out of a bed because you know.

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you try out one side then you flip it and you can keep going back and forth. assuming that you like that firmness profile and again it sells exclusively on Amazon but I believe they have their one hundred night test window still even. if you buy on Amazon now if you’re looking to spend as little money as possible the Amazon basics mattress it’s.

you can’t beat it. it’s not the nicest bed in the world but I think it’ll get by I think it’s a great bed for anybody that just wants something that’s cheap and actually. pretty comfortable. it’s kind of like it’s a perfect fit for the Amazon basics brand right the price. point is insanely low and the quality is actually not terror. so they make three different height profiles they have the 8 inch the 10 inch and the 12 inch the 12 inch will have more of your memory foam feel the 10 inch feels a bit more neutral and the 8 inch certainly feels neutral but it’s actually a pretty comfortable bed you know it’s backed by I think it’s like a one-year warranty so it’s really great. for like RVs or guest rooms or kids or teens or something but yeah it’s just a comfy foam bed now if you want a memory foam hybrid

I know we have two other hybrid beds on this list but a memory foam hybrid that has maybe a little bit more of a memory foam feel. than the other ones even though it’s. more neutral that’s the the lucid memory foam hybrid it’s really comfortable in Prior videos we just like raved about this and then other beds came out and were like it’s still a great bed but these other beds are awesome as well so you may want to check out that lucid memory foam hybrid we did the full review like I said and that’s in the description it’s great for all sleepers and the price point is really really. approachable so that’s our list you know.

I think we left off a few beds but I think for the majority of people out. there if you’re open-minded if you listen to what we have to say if you read our reviews you’re gonna get one of the beds on this list like they’re all just great pecs but you can always write us down below in the comments

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