Charles P Rogers St Regis

The St. Regis mattress employs the most recent technology, natural substances and our heritage of craftsmanship with a single purpose in mind. Your relaxation. It’s obviously cool with exceptional body strain supply and elastic support on your spine so that you may wake up each morning feeling as if you spent the night at a luxury hotel.

Automatically adjusts to a body kind

From the minute that you lie down our Powercore1, ™ service system always adjusts to a position and worry. More ends in every spring coil offer immediate reaction so it is possible to wake up feeling as if you spent the night at a five-star resort.

Targeted Support for Stress Points

Appropriate alignment as you sleep may alleviate aching joints and muscular strain. Complex layers of thicker and sexier organic latex pliers body shape precisely to permit for the ideal amount of support where it is needed and reduces the transfer of motion.

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Cool All-natural Comfort

Naturally trendy, the latex comfort texture and breathable cotton blend high quilt avoid heat build-up so you will sleep comfortably through the night, every night.