Air Mattresses For Hospital Beds

we’re looking at air mattress hospital beds basically hospital beds. made to treat and prevent bedsore’s skin. ulcers skin breakdowns pressure wounds and normally when you’re getting bedsores and skin ulcers it’s because you’re spending prolonged periods of time in bed these are two of the best hospital beds made in the United States. they’re […]

Air Mattresses For Camping Review

five best air mattresses for camping best overall. sound a sleep dream series air mattress. this is a high air mattress that is comfortable for getting in and out of but it is not suitable to use in small spaces however this is a 40 coil camping. bed that offers great support to your spine […]

Air Mattresses Costco In Store

we’re going to be talking about a bed on a bed the Aerobed. The sun’s going down in Seattle, it’s sleepy time. So yeah, let’s do that!. So those of you that know me, you know I like to complain and there is plenty wrong with this Aerobed and I’ll go through them real fast. […]