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I guess anyway he wrote into me and said he was having trouble with a knot I guess an eating table I am not quite a dining table kind of like a bar elevation. The tall table he’s been working on so he mailed it into me asked me if I’d help him out so let us jump in there’s gonna be the next one of those sort of real-time ones just like I did last time I thought that was entertaining so people appear to like it.

I thought we’d do it again anyway let’s leap in the drawing here. So here is what he sent me sort of a little bit inspired by such as the spider. I don’t know whether it is inspired by but it’s comparable to that spider desk I just built I don’t know whether that maybe that’s why he sent it into me perhaps it made me think about it anyway. He asked for my opinion so the first thing I discovered is that this is something I have talked about before there are no stretchers so I always look funny to me once you find the sort of legs just coming straight from the top.

Other than that it looks like the angle is most likely a tiny bit too steep it’s. Probably kind of slanted in a lot of. This angle here needs to be a tiny bit closer to vertical I believe and I am going to likely make the I’m guessing. Let’s just start drawing and see what happened so I’m just going to make a piece that is the same size as his top.

It looks like it’s thirty-six-inch square and an inch and a half thick so we will just stick with those measurements for today that looks like a fair. Place to begin okay now we can start drawing this item so what I like to perform. When I’m making legs which are going to be in an angle you understand running diagonally through the piece like this is.
I create myself kind of like a little cheater bit so what I am going to do is. I’m just going to draw the angle move down to the floor. This type of okay I’m going to have to do something odd with a sketch of here. Because I really don’t have my escape button since I’m recording on my screen.

Currently, which takes away the escape button so I’m gonna need to do some bizarre clicks but anyhow that is. All fine and dandy so I’m likely to make apart from the and then I will use this to sort of just draw. My leg in two dimensions and now we’re not going to worry about joinery or anything like that this is just likely to only be aesthetic so you don’t want your legs to be all the way at the corner because then you’d well by the time you give them some depth they would really stick out beyond the tabletop and there’d be a true toe catcher so we’re just going to go in I’m just going to figure approximately four inches.

That is a good starting place just do the same thing on the opposite side a lot of this stuff inside this phase of the game is really just kind of guessing you understand your kind of you get better at imagining as you have done it more. Nonetheless, it’s still guessing and you kind of have to just take a look at the piece and get your ideas after it’s coming together and you also know that you may refine from there. But for the angle first I’m going to find out what angle he used it looks like that he used about 11 degrees yeah I actually like that escape button and that I do not ever understand.

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Just how much I use it before I do not have it any all right well I’m not going to go that much I’m going to do it actual stud I am just going to go like 5 degrees. Let’s just start off with this and see how that works and I will make my piece oh wait to hang on today, okay so I’m going to guess probably about 4 inches at the top here in the base we are going to go 1 inch so let’s just see.

What this angle looks like so we’re basically going from one inch wide at the bottom to four inches at the top you can already tell that’s far more. Subtle than what he has I think that seems pretty good let’s begin with this and see how it comes out so I am just going to replicate an exact same thing. Over here you could actually do this a lot faster than I am doing it by just doing them and then mirroring it.

Over but I like to draw what can I say right so there we have that now we must get a stretcher because I truly feel that piece is missing a stretcher so I’m going to say probably around three inches let us try that I think that seems pretty good I typically like it for a bit narrower of a piece than the leg is anyway let’s draw. That in today let us just erase all of our additional lines that we got going on here.

And then we could well we must give it. Some dimension to actually tell so let’s just say that we’re going to create these. Out of pieces which are an inch and a half wide also so I am just going to perform 3/4 of an inch which manner three-quarters of an inch this way so far I’m liking it I am liking it. Which I’m likely to stay with it for the time being. So I am just going to replicate this. Bit so I’ll just copy it okay.

Prone it’s to twist so I’m going to throw a like a mid-mid-height stretcher. In there too just to just see what. It is like see when we enjoy how it looks so I’m going to go down about let us see whether the entire issue is 40 I’m gonna go down let’s say 16 inches.

18 inches which feels rightish to me personally and this one’s likely to be thinner I’m got move two inches here and then I will join the dots lalalala hear that offer this thing the same thickness again. We are not worried about joinery at this point let’s just uh just it looks a little more like a completed.

The thing let us just make these into miters. Therefore it doesn’t look so monolithic that kind of help to see what it is looking like alright so far I mean I certainly. Think it’s it is looking better so far. Also, enjoy about 21 inches I’m going to go. I am just going to match that five the five levels might be a bit too. Subtle but I will try it but another thing I’m going to do first is I’m really I am not going to have it I’m not going to possess it. Bevel go all of the ways towards the top and also make that crispy corn I will give it a tiny flat spot so I am going to copy this line down about a half-inch.

Let’s try that then I’m going to try that 5 degrees and see how we like that so I’m just going to kind of a weird way I do so but works for me only make myself enjoy a small sterile. There and then get my protractor instrument and I am just going to go in 5 degrees. Then I can get rid of this piece then if I appear on the underside of the desk. Here and I counter it until it just until. It kisses that line that I just made now. I know I will have that five-degree angle. Going all around once I just join these dots so basically take this corner and go to this corner only do that all the way around the piece and we could erase all the insiders and hopefully you guys.

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Can’t hear that there is some like crazy loud automobile driving around a muscle car. Okay, let us see where we are at up to now. So I am just gonna have a view from the frontlet we get outta more so you might also use this eye instrument so what do you believe the typical man’s eye height. I’d say that the average person is five-seven so their eyes would be similar to five. Three something like this. So what’s out 63 inches so what’s uh so that is about the average man’s eye. Height, therefore I think to add that stretcher definitely makes it look better actually sort of like the crossbar down and I think that it will give it a tiny bit more structure maybe I don’t know I am not an engineer anyway I like that.

I believe this is not aggressive enough I want to go back in and make this a bit more competitive so I’m just going to undo back to this stage and let’s try I feel this part really does need to be aggressive to be noticed. Let us try 15 let’s see how that works and none if this isn’t good maybe. We split the gap into ten can erase that offset until it just cries that man connect the dots getting dark while I am doing so hopefully I’m not at all pitch and pitch-black now if I am simply going to just show the monitor only got worried for a second.

That I was not screen recording for some reason but I am that is why I can’t push. My skate button through all right let’s. Let us see where we are at now the very best remains fairly subtle but I presume. It is a type of thing that’ll be noticeable in real life especially when you’re at it so I’m not likely to go any crazier than that in case you prefer it crazier. It’s possible to easily alter that but just taking a look at the general piece I certainly like the path that we’re at now a small bit better than where we had been earlier here we could kind of just add these lines inside just. That sort of complete the result that a bit. Little more yeah I’m happier with this you. Could easily leave it right here make any adjustments

I believe you have a pretty close to a finished piece that is. Good enough just to kind of see what adding that stretcher will one understand how. Reveals how few little tweaks can make quite a bit of gap I mean it’s really only small alterations to this angle slide all the way to adjustments. To the top including a stretcher you can really take or leave that part and on what do you guys think you like it. Better with or without I enjoy it. This type of tall table no no I do not like. Those type things I think this really balances it a tiny bit it gives the lower part just a bit more weight and more visually and I think that it only kind of accounts the design any way I’ll leave it there hopefully enjoy this leave it hopefully enjoy this episode and I will see you next time.

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