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Backpacking Self Inflating Air Mattress

How’s it going I didn’t see it. I’m Peter Ron panda and I’ve got a new sleeping mattress that I’m checking out. this one by freelance sports you know. what I love camping you know what I love you even more than camping me but you know what I love it equally as much as can’t be sleeping on a mattress while camping and being really comfortable as you can see this mattress comes in this little drawstring bag here.

well nylon pouch and the thing that. intrigues me about this particular mattress is this an air mattress but what I love are the self-inflating air mattresses how does that work you say well let’s take a look and find out I love this neon-green it’s pretty cool we have some elastic can sew everything together. really me those when you wrap it back up you kind of don’t have to have those right in the end green and what we have here is an air valve really big one and inside the mattress

you can see parents fold it up yes Oh kind of like foam and so what it’s doing is it wants to expand and so as soon as I release this. air gun it’s going to push everything out and draw in the air so I’m gonna do this Michael D here drawing in that air now. you can certainly accelerate this by blowing into the mattress – what I really love about these is you can seat five of your big part of your bag so only ten like this give them a little time to self inflate let that material and solvent plate which is what I’m gonna do here you can also see here

I really love this material it is very robust I mean it’s a tighten nylon. we’ve got the freelance port logo on the front we’ve got a little bit of a diamond pad and I think these are all little vacuums spaces in there so it should give us a little bit of a quilted effect if we look on the back we also have I think a little bit more rugged. nylon this year.

so this would be the site that goes down and especially if we’re looking at you know the floor here this is a stone. floor it’s pretty uneven I walk a little funny on it because it’s not very comfortable to walk on and so when this. gets inflated we’re gonna try it out. because I’m gonna take a nap on its give it a few minutes and then check your nothing alright so I let it inflate just. kind of in pleats Oh a little bit and then you can top it off by blowing into the valve here and then just tighten it. down the think of it it’s really nice that this valve is really big so it seems to take a lot of hair so you can just on exhale right into it and then you can adjust the firmness to what you like now I could try to overlay this.

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because you know when a mattress is really rich if it does not look very comfortable so that’s what a bit would. give it still and I thought why not try to layout again hard under the mattresses over my head and below my feet so I think this thing is six feet. long you know it’s quite a couple feet wide and man dude this is wicked. comfortable man like I said uneven hard. stony floor if you’re out camping you. might have something other than stone underneath you you might have dirt. planting those grass you know there’s gonna be a lot of things that are going to provide you a little bit of cushioning anyway so if the handle is working this well on the stone is amazing I don’t even feel any pressure. point where my body and I is pressing through you know compressing this air mattress.

even all the way to the ground which I guess speaks to the quality of the air mattress the outside of the exterior materials how durable they are but then inner foam and then obviously th. air now even my head here is really comfortable normally you would. want to wad up some clothing and put it. on your head like a pillow but I’ll tell you maybe it’s just I thought about the air pressure perfectly dialed in on my head is really comfortable like this I don’t even need a pillow I mean you know. this feels good it doesn’t feel you know.

when you put your head down on the floor. or even a lot of beds you know there’s. too much pressure on one spot and it’s not really comfortable you kind of toss and turns but this is really comfortable as if I could just I could hug I could take a nap on this any way this is awesome I love this thing and then to roll it up it’s simply just reversing. little process here you just take this. bow unscrew to hear the air rushing out. of it now obviously it’s not going to collapse completely on its own so what you do here is you just take the mattress and fold it in half the long way you kind of pulled it up like an American flag and I will tell you about these self-employed mattresses what you have to do is you have to take a little time and go right what you do is start on this end and roll this thing in close.

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you’re going to want to keep it really tight that’s going to kind of work like a rolling pin and pull the air. out so you’re gonna want to put a lot of pressure on it make sure you get all the air out a little load up on the end of the mattress here and I thought it was hard to suppress it. and give it small enough to fit back in this drawstring but I just don’t looked out here tighten the valve down just like that and look at that this. drawstring bag is lots of extra space in there so rolling it up tight is no problem at all I really love this thing. except freelance for a check, it out this air mattress is not that expensive seems. like the quality is absolute. astounding and it works as advertised. this is definitely a companion with me on my next camping outing Peter Amanda. on my next camping outing Peter Amanda out.

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