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so whether it’s for the holidays or summer vacation or what have you traveling with a baby can be pretty. stressful but you got this you can do it. it’s all in here. we’re gonna talk about how you can do it. coming right up hey guys Andrew here.

word adverb wechat fatherhood and share our thoughts on family related products today we’re going to be discussing the whole experience of traveling with a baby and bringing some tips down into five different stages the first stage is gonna be booking and then checking in getting through security the actual. flight itself and then arrival so let’s get into booking right the first thing. you want identify is when is your baby’s. witching hour that’s that hour where.

they’re gonna be the most fussy the most tire they’re gonna be whining a lot and you want to not book a flight in the witching hour because that’s not going to be very easy for you personally. for me I like choosing a flight it’s really early in the morning or super late at night kind of those bookends.

nothing really in the middle and red eyes are really good too because that is a great opportunity for the baby to sleep and even for you to just kind of sleep throughout the entire flight upon buying the ticket you’re gonna want to determine how you want the travel so that’s gonna be do you want to be holding or wearing the baby throughout the entire flight or do you want to buy a separate ticket so that you can put the car seat and the baby in that separate seat it’s gonna require a little bit more money but regardless that’s that’s a something that you’re gonna want to determine and after you buy the seat go ahead and call the airline and make sure that the baby is on your reservation especially if you didn’t buy a separate seat.

make sure the baby is on the reservation. so they know that you are flying with the baby will need some sort of identification and if you’re flying internationally yes the baby does need to Passport .

you got to get all the identification documents in place. beforehand so when you’re checking in to the airport you want to try to make everything as minimal as possible I try to check as much as I can in all baby. things like strollers and car seats they do travel free so you don’t have to pay any sort of bag fee for that which is great if you are checking in a stroller.

you don’t want anything too big or bulky. so you might want to rethink your travel system what you’re using in my opinion the the Kiko light way and the pocket stroller are probably the best options for travel

they’re super light way they fold down to a good size we use the UPPAbaby Vista and Mesa so that’s kind of our travel system which is a little bit heavier a little bit bigger. but we did buy the the travel bags and that has helped us we like it works for us. but think about what strollers you are going to be after I’m done with the check-in process. the way I like to do is as I wear the baby I think it’s an absolute must wearing the baby is a huge thing so get a BabyBjorn ring sling whatever you need.

I have the baby in the front a backpack in the back and if I’m traveling with a car seat I’ll hold that it’s kind of like a third option that’s how you can do a solo if you have a partner it’s. gonna be a lot easier for you so after you check-in you’re gonna have to make your way over to the security line the TSA security checkpoint it’s arguably the most stressful part for me I hate it. but I will say that the biggest piece of advice that I can give you for that is. where your baby I said it before but it’s so important that you wear your baby as opposed to carrying all this stuff wearing your baby just gonna make it a lot easier now when you’re going.

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through security thinking about also. what you’re gonna wear you don’t want to be wearing all the bangles and all this stuff around you just wear it like sweats it’s just so much easier. especially on the flight you want to be comfortable man I will say TSA PreCheck is a very helpful thing especially if you are traveling with the baby you don’t have to worry about taking your shoes off or moving a laptop or anything. like that you can just walk right.

through it’s like $85 and your TSA approved for five years so I would encourage you to go ahead and do that. all right so you checked in you got through security you’re at your gate now. you’re probably getting some shade thrown at you because they’re like oh man almost next to that baby but the flight itself is entirely a mental game.

now if you have a partner it’s gonna be a little bit easier for you but the baby’s gonna do what the baby’s gonna do. it if he or she cries they cry if you’re a huge chil then they’re gonna be chill. but it’s all about how you perceive things and how you react to things and how you keep mentally sound that’s. that’s what’s gonna get you through the flight so you board your flight you’re walking down the aisle you might get some compliments very cute baby or you might get some stairs like a man just shut that thing up make sure they don’t cry during the flight regardless just we’re gonna lock it out of your mind go and find your seat if you have a car seat install the car seat and also I do want to know you’re gonna make sure that your car seat is TSA compliance and that it is suited to be strapped into an airplane seat not all car seats are able to do that so I forgot something tonight keep that in mind so your biggest fear is that the baby’s gonna freak out I get it that’s why you’re reading article.

so just some general tips on takeoff and descent suck right you want the baby drinking give them a bottle. give them the breasts do what you got to do and make sure the baby sucking to help relieve the pressure because you can’t just tell a baby to chew gum and go like this I ought to like regulate the pressure in their head so sucking on milk is probably going to be their best. bet now I will say that not all babies are affected by that and if they’re sleeping just let him sleep especially if the plane is in descent don’t wake them up and say okay.

you got a suck now so you can drink just let them sleep through it if they’re sleeping through it just fine and just leave them alone so picking your seat is really important for your flight. strategy we tend to like the aisles that way one of us can just pick up Henry go. up and down the aisles go hang out in the back galley area it’s just better for the baby to keep him entertained. give him something new to look at cuz sitting can be pretty draining there is a blogger that we know named Amber fill her up and she gave a really good piece of advice where she says she actually likes the window that way if the baby does start crying she can just kind of turn her body toward the baby and the window and almost have like kind of like a private little area so that she can console’ the baby again we like the aisle so that we don’t have to get up if we’re sitting in the window so you try to trouble people to get past them you choose your strategy but those are kind of you know the options that you have flying is a scary thing and unfortunately as a parent your options are limited the best you can do is just try to entertain the baby feed

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the baby or walk around with him or her but again. it’s a mental game and depending on how you react to the baby it’s gonna be fine and don’t worry there are a lot more people on that flight than you then you realize they’re much more empathetic to your situation so just take that into consideration so you land you got through the flight and that’s awesome.

but sometimes taxiing and be planing can take a long time so you might want to consider a flight that’s a little bit more toward the middle or front as opposed to the back because there have been times we’re sitting at the gate and it’s just taking forever for people to get off of this plane and the baby starts getting antsy they’re awake the lights are on people are chattering and the baby is kind of like okay what do we do now and the longer that takes the more stressed you get so you know back of the plane is a little bit more.

stressful so just keep that in mind the last thing I do want to touch on is something that I’m not as well-versed in and that’s jet lag the most that we’ve flown when it comes to time differences for Henry is about two hours but for people who are travelling long distances. they’re like 6 7 8 9 10 11 hours drag is something that you’re gonna want to factor in because that’s gonna throw off. the sleep patterns like not just for you. but your baby like even more so it’s gonna be intense so I’m gonna put a link down below on how to deal with jet lag and something that you might want to consider if you are doing a long big international flight or something like that so again links down below on jet. lag TSA compliant car seats and all that kind of stuff that you might find valuable .

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