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Air Tube Mattress

introducing the dr. trust ante decubitus. air mattress a simple and effective solution to relieving the pain and discomfort of bed sores for patients with conditions that require prolonged. bed rest continuous pressure exerted on the body can cause painful bedsores. temperature and humidity can worsen the suffering making the road to recovery even more difficult that’s where dr. trust comes in the dr. trust air mattress is specially designed with our modern bubble technology to ensure no long term fixed pressure is applied to any area of the body with its.

alternating pressure relief bubble pad. system inflating and deflating. alternating cells of the mattress every six minutes prolonged periods of pressure on the body are drastically reduced improving circulation and ensuring comfortable rest for faster. rehabilitation lightweight compact and easy to use this unique inflatable. mattress is durable and flexible making it ideal for home use travel or even in hospitals after treatment getting started is easy simply unfold the mattress and layout in your desired location there is excess material.

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panels top and bottom to tuck under your bed frame to secure the air mattress in place connect the air hose to the mattress and the pressure pump and position the pump on a solid surface nearby to begin inflation connect the pump to an electricity supply you can adjust the pressure of the air mattress. using the variable pressure dial for more or less air pressure the heavy-duty.

air pump and high-quality material used to make the mattress means the device. can be operated continuously for 23 hours resting for one hour before resuming use offering an around-the-clock solution to all your bed cell problems. please note the pump has to stay on or the mattress will deflate recover comfortably wherever you are with the dr. trust a mattress bubble doctor Trust. dr. trust a mattress bubble doctor Trust trusted for life.

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