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hey guys Martin here from Mathers mattress it’s too soft it’s too firm it just doesn’t feel right well a mattress topper may be a great way to update your mattress and I think there are five that really stand out among the rest so I want to talk about all five and who did the best fit for which one’s the best fit for you
first off you have any specific questions you want to pursue recommendation just leave a comment below we do respond to all YouTube. questions but what do you look for if you’re getting a mattress topper well first off what field do you like. you like something slower-moving maybe look at something with memory foam.

you like something a little bit more balanced a little more responsive. consider something with latex off of that what kind of firmness do you want something to actually make your mattress firmer or do you want something to make it softer and if you’re thinking about that what position do you sleep in so if you sleep on your back you want a balance of comfort and support so something not too firm not too soft you sleep on your side you want something.

much softer for extra pressure relief. you sleep on your stomach you want some to actually make the mattress firmer off of that to think about durability well. this mattress topper lasts a long time. Orla break down quickly so think about the materials use do you want a durable mattress topper find something with latex or high-density foam and then finally think about warmth a big thing.
with memory foam mattress toppers in particular are and it’s the mattress. that actually makes you sleep hotter s. is this mattress topper taking steps to actually make you not sleep so hot or not but those are the things you want to think about but now let’s hop into my topics first up we have the Layla mattress topper and this is my favorite memory foam mattress topper for hot sleepers .

it’s two inches of a very soft copper infused memory foam now copper does two things first off it helps with cooling and heat dissipation, in addition, it’s antimicrobial so it helps fight bacterial growth in addition. you also have thermo gel in the actual. cover it’s cool to the touch. helps with cooling overall now with the memory foam itself it’s also very soft so great extra pressure relief. feels nice in the back extra nice

when you’re on your side so if you’re looking for something comfortable for hot. sleepers definitely check it out next up. we have the avocado mattress topper now. this is my top durable mattress topper. pick it’s made of a Dunlop latex and Dunlop latex is very durable it should last for a good amount of time should be a good long-term investment in addition.

it’s ventilated and naturally cooling so hot sleepers shouldn’t have to worry about overheating off that its well-done lap latex is eco-friendly¬†it’s free of harmful chemicals. you also have organic wool in there as well so you want something eco-friendly. it’s gonna be a nice pick as well and then finally I think if you’re a back sleeper you want your hips sinking just the right amount it’s definitely good option – next up we have the parachute down featherbed this is my top featherbed pick so the nice thing about this is if you want that kind of fluffy.

feel you should definitely check it out. it’s three inches tall as soft cotton. shell inside it has down and feathers as well so if you want that kind of like pillowtop if you’ll add it to your mattress it’s definitely good option for you now in addition with this kind of like fluffier feel it’s a lot of room for airflow so if you’re worried about your mattress top or trapping Heat should definitely work for you as well and then finally it doesn’t add a lot of pressure relief to the top of the mattress but if you’re a back sleeper.

you want to lie back and kind of feel and bail up by this kind of fluffier top. you should definitely take a look as well next up we had the dream foam mattress topper the most affordable mattress topper on this list if you don’t want to spend quite so much money. upfront you want something on the lower end price-wise you should definitely.

check it out right now it’s actually under $70 for a queen-size so a very good deal, in addition, it’s a very soft memory foam mattress topper so when. you’re on your back some nice extra. contouring moving to your side some. extra pressure relief and the shoulders and your hips so nice for both back. inside it’s also a good choice for hot sleeper

there’s a gel swirl in the. topper so you shouldn’t be overheating. last up we have the Safa memory foam. mattress topper this is my favorite mathers topper for heavy people that’s. because of the design so most of these. other toppers are actually one layer this has two layers so the top layer is soft graphite infused memory foam the bottom is a transition foam so a lot of times I bottomed out on these toppers I dropped right through it because of my weight but with a transition layer it.

stops me from doing that so lying on my back a really nice mixture of comfort and support my hips thinking just the right amount when I’m on my side some decent. pressure relief without bottoming out and then finally I think it’s good for hot sleepers you have some graphite in the top layer there so you shouldn’t be overheating and that’s about it I think at this point you should know which matters topper is right for you I also. recommend checking out the individual. reviews for more information and if you’re still a little bit confused just leave a comment below also we do a lot of articles like this here at mattress if you want to see more as more visit

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