Air Pocket Mattress

Air Pocket Mattress

Our best-selling latex mattress offers a truly responsive sleeping experience,. and it’s made exclusively for us, here in the UK. This medium-firm mattress offers great support, and maximum comfort,.

perfect for those who sleep on their back and side, or suffer from back pain. The unique 3000 pocket-air spring system. features a blend of long and mini double-stacked springs. to offer a sensational responsiveness resulting in an airy, light feeling mattress. Unlike most models on the market.

this mattress features a full sheet of 24mm graphite latex. giving an edge to edge full-body support. This natural material has similar properties to memory foam without the added heat!. It creates a sense of weightlessness. conforms to individual body shapes whilst adding comfort.

It’s also naturally resistant to bacteria, mold, and dust mites. A side stitched border strengthens and supports the frame. and luxury knitted unbleached linen-blend cover provides a soft, cooling sleeping surface, Get the best quality of sleep with this perfect all-rounder mattress, and feel the difference.

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