Air Mattress Patch Kit Kmart

Patching inflatable mattress with tire patch kit.

okay, so I’m kinda in a poor situation. here I’m in a hotel room and Virginia. I’m away from home and I’ve been working with some of my camping and hiking gear. actually, I was just home on leave and made most of the changes and fixes too. everything there but I brought back one a sleeping pad that still has a leak in it. over here I’ve got a leak circled can see here but I’ll show you in a couple. minutes how I identified that and what I’m going to do is a patch that leaks using.

This kit’s actually a tire repair kit made by slime and I’ll actually also go. through a swing deluxe repair two patches. kit also because they’ve got very similar things included in the kit this. the kit came with tire remover levers for bicycles and then the patches it. costs $2.99 and gives you six patches so when you remove this from the packaging and you really get into the backcountry.

This is all you would need to carry two patch rubber sleeping mats like this I’m also use it on Therm-a-rest sleeping. mats just fine without any problems. so this is what I’m going to go over and I’ll show you the contents of this. as well as okay so what we have in the twin-tube patch repair kit again is a pair of levers for pulling the tire off on the bicycle which you wouldn’t need some. Emery cloth sandpaper type material to scuff your leak and a couple of valves for your pump.

if you’re doing you know some of the needs pumped up like an inflatable raft or a ball and then six-four in this kit sorry of the self-adhesive patches so this is more geared for home use it would still have a good place the reason.

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why I picked it. up actually as I was looking for a new set of the ones that I’ve used in the past the scabs they didn’t carry them at one store that I was at. out of stock at another so I went ahead and picked that setup.

because it was also only about three dollars let me grab the actual receipt here. that receipt didn’t make it into the bank so it was right around $3 at the store. just a regular trying to have all store and the sporting goods section what I have used in the past are these scabs peel and stick patches now this container actually opens two ways front open so you can get things out there.

But it also all will come apart into two separate pieces so you get the top half. you get the bottom half and the bottom. half includes a small set of. instructions and another good reason to carry a Fresnel lens because those are pretty rough to read with the naked eye. a metal scuff tool and then a fold-out sheet with six patches on it very lightweight very compact there.

If you use inflatable sleeping pads there’s. no reason not to have one of these in your kit so next I’ll take a couple. minutes and I’ll move the sleeping mat. over here and I’ll go through the repair process this is a military surplus air the mattress I’ve used the same exact technique same exact materials on. dreamer s type air mattresses this one.

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Is the last one I’ve got with a leak in. it so I want to show you how I determined where that leak is I’ve already got it marked here so I don’t have to go through the whole process on film but what I’ve got is a spray bottle. with a little bit of soapy water in it. to make this work I’ve got to put some pressure on the air mattress while that blows out.

So all I did on this air mattress as I started on one side at one end I laid a towel down and I sprayed the entire mattress with the soapy water and then dried that whole side off flipped it over and came back into the other side so when you spray this down right now.

you can see there’s nothing. coming out there at all no bubbles than when I come around here and I put just a little bit of pressure on you can see those bubbles coming out there in the middle so then I dried that spot. marked it with a permanent marker and  I ‘ve got my spot where I’ve got a lea identified okay so show this really is as simple as it looks this is mine military vinyl insulated inflatable sleeping mat I really wish it had been as easy as just poking a hole in it but this one actually had a leak in it so I had to find that as I showed you all

you’re gonna do is take the metal scuff. kind of file it’s got almost like a small cheese grater edge on this side. and you’re just gonna scuff very gently. the area around the hip of the hole. you’re not trying to go so deep that you make worse holes you’re just trying to scuff it and clean it and make sure.

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you’ve got something good to adhere to you to take your patch peel it right off. place it directly over your hole and press it firmly in place now I like to take something hard. generally the back of a lighter back. your pocketknife and I like to rub it in. I used to work in a tire store and this is kind of reminiscent of the way that we would ensure a good seal on patches and patch plugs on the inside of tires. so I’ll take time to the edge and I’ll work it all the way around and make sure. that this gets seated really really well and I have a text message that’s what the bazinga was in case you wondered and that is done. now I’ll reinflate eat some water on it and show you that it holds.

Okay, so here we’ve got it all aired back up got my handy dandy spray bottle of water and I’m just gonna dribble some around it and no bubbles all the way around I’m putting pressure on with mine. hand over here so that if it’s got any leaks it should be pushing out so there. we have it very simple kit very lightweight again takes up very little room in your bag and your pack. very inexpensive and if you use any kind of inflatable sleeping mat I would highly recommend keeping a package of highly recommend keeping a package of these in your kit.