Fixing An Intex Air Mattress throughout Air Mattress Bulge

Air Mattress Bulge

What should you do if your air mattress comes with a massive bulge but isn’t punctured?


  • It looks like the air bubble is a result of a structural breakdown of this interior supports of their air mattress, and isn’t repairable. Nor is it likely to be more amenable to attempts to stop additional breakdown, causing dispersing of this bubble. When it’s still comfortable to sleep, it is still usable/useful. If you can not endure it anymore, it is time to have a brand new one.
  • All those small circles have plastic tubes which connect one side of the mattress into another. There is no way to mend them. Live with the bulge so long as possible. If you are going to purchase another air mattress, then purchase the identical size. Cut the end of the mattress together with the air valve from the old mattress, and start to turn out it. Cut off as much of the plastic straps as possible, taking care to not penetrate the surface. When you are finished cutting the straps, turn the older mattress right side out. Now partially purify the brand new mattress and add it within the old mattress. When it is completely in, complete inflating it. The older mattress will offer some aid for the mattress to maintain the plastic columns from breaking up. It is going to also help prevent puncturing the new mattress.
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