8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Queen

8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Queen

Today, I’m reviewing the 2-inch Gel Infused Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper. That is a mouthful, but it’s also a value. It’s a very soft memory foam mattress topper. I was excited to try it out for myself. I want to talk about who it’s a good fit for, who it’s not a good fit for. At the end of the video, you should know if it’s the right fit for you. Let’s get started. [music]. Marten: All right, before we get started, if you want to see a list of my top picks. for mattress toppers, just google “Mattress Clarity” plus “best mattress topper.”.

If you have any specific questions, you want a personal recommendation from me, just leave. a comment below. Let’s talk about the key features of the Lucid Mattress Topper here. First, we can go through it one by one in the name. It’s two inches thick. It’s gel infused, and also ventilated. Now, both of these are meant to help it not sleep so hot. A lot of memory foam can trap heat. That shouldn’t happen quite as much with this mattress topper. The gel infusion helps to regulate temperature. The ventilation’s going to allow for airflow there, too. In terms of the memory foam used, it is a three-pound density. It’s also open cell.

Now, open cell is designed to make it fight sagging over time, which can happen with memory. foam. In terms of your options, you have a lot of different size options. In terms of the depth, you could do two inches, three inches, or four inches. In terms of what it’s infused with, you could do it with gel infused or without gel. You could have it infused with bamboo charcoal or also lavender essential oils. In terms of size, you have twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and also. full extra large, too. A lot of options to choose from, but I personally chose the two-inch to try out. I think it’s a great option for a lot of different types of people.

Also, in terms of price, it is a great deal. For the queen size, it’s only $86. I think it’s one of the reasons it’s so popular and one of the reasons I liked it so much. Now, I want to talk about my experience with the Lucid Mattress Topper. The first thing a lot of people ask with mattress toppers is, “Is it going to smell when you. open it up?. Is there going to be off-gassing?”. Well, it’s memory foam, so there is.

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The company recommends giving it two days to fully expand and off-gas, and I did that. No problems whatsoever. I put it in my side bedroom. I left the windows open. No issues. It was ready to go in two days. I also wanted to test it out in terms of firmness and sleep position. I put it on a firmer mattress, the GhostBed Mattress. This is a fantastic mattress, but it is on the firmer side. Putting it on top of the GhostBed, which usually feels like an 8 out of 10 to me, this will. get down to a 7 out of 10.

I gained a whole point of softness. It’s definitely working very well. In terms of sleeping positions, you also want to think about, “Is this helping me sleep. better in this position or worse?”. Starting on my back, I feel even better. It’s contouring to the curves of my body. It’s filling my gaps. It’s also pressing up my lumbar area. Great support there. On my side, it’s, again, giving me some more softness, so better pressure relief for my. shoulders and my hips.

I am heavier. If you’re a lighter person, you might even feel better pressure relief. However, on my stomach, it’s actually making it softer. I’m bowing at the hips even more. I’d say if you’re a stomach sleeper, you might want to look for something elsewhere or maybe. just not get a mattress topper at all. In terms of feel, it does have that really soft memory foam feel. It’s squishy. It’s not super quick to respond. It does bounce back, not too slowly, but it has that slow, quicksandy feel to it. I will say, moving around on the mattress, I did feel a little bit stuck at times because. it isn’t reacting that quickly. Then finally, warmth. A big issue with memory foam, especially toppers, is it actually traps heat.

You get the gel infusion. You get the ventilation here, as well. I will say, while those are helping it not overheat too much, I am feeling some extra. warmth. If you’re looking for a mattress topper, there’s probably some main reasons you want to find. one. A lot of those are going to be softness, feel, or maybe something else. I want to know what’s most important to you in a mattress topper. Is it softness?. Is it a new feel, or something else?. Just write in the comments below. I want to see what everyone says. Who should get the Lucid Memory Foam Mattress Topper?. Well, first, I think it’s great for back sleepers. It’s going to add some contouring. It’s going to help fill your gaps, also support your lumbar area.

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Great choice for back sleepers. Also, it’s good for side sleepers. It’s going to make it a little bit softer on your shoulders and your hips. Some better pressure relief there. Even for someone larger, like myself, I felt better pressure relief in that position. I think, also, if you’re looking for a value, definitely a good choice. $86 for a queen size is a really fantastic deal, especially for memory foam. Then finally, if you like that memory foam feel, it does have that quicksandy, slow-moving. memory foam feel. If you want to slowly sink into your mattress, but you don’t want to buy a whole memory foam. mattress, definitely a good choice. Who shouldn’t get the Lucid Memory Foam Mattress Topper?. Well, I think if you don’t like memory foam, it’s in the title. Not a good option for you. It has that slow, quicksandy feel. If you don’t like that feel, I would look elsewhere. Also, stomach sleepers.

This is making the mattress a little bit softer. If you sleep on your stomach, you might bow in more at the hips, get out of alignment. Not a great pick for stomach sleepers. Also, if you have trouble moving around on your mattress, or you have trouble with memory. foam in that respect, probably not a good choice for you. I had that issue, getting stuck when I was moving around. It’s not the fastest to respond. Definitely something to consider, as well. Lastly, it may not last the longest time. Remember, it’s only a three-pound density. If you want something longer lasting, look at something like a four- to five-pound density. It may break down after a little bit of time, but it is also a value. Just something to note. In the end,

I really enjoyed my experience with the Lucid Mattress Topper. As a side sleeper and back sleeper, it really worked for me. I will say, though, that if you’re a stomach sleeper, you want something that’s going to. be a little bit longer lasting, I would look elsewhere. Now, it is a three-pound density. It might break down pretty quickly. That being said, there also is a three-year warranty, so take that into account. That’s about it. I think, in the end, you should know if it’s the right mattress topper for you. If you’re still a little bit confused, you want a personal recommendation,

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