16 Deep Wall Cabinets

How deep are your wall shelves? The cupboard man or woman i am ordering from recommended that i’d want 14” or 14 half of” deep wall shelves as opposed to the same old 12 half”. I have unsuccessfully searched the web page to see if i should locate anybody who has performed this. It looks as if a excellent idea, in particular with large dinner plates, etc. The shelves are 3/4” thick face body with inset doorways. My query is whether a person out there has accomplished this, and if so, do you want the deeper shelves? Also, what intensity could you endorse? Thank you for any recommendation you could offer. Solution

never understood why the “widespread” is 12. 5, honestly go with deeper…. I suppose the greater vital query to ask them (now not knowing the construction details this producer uses) is what’s the clear usable space within the 14″ cupboard or 14. Five cupboard to make certain the 12″ plates healthy well

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