Led Ceiling Lights For Kitchens

I’m gonna walk you through step by step how to replace your ceiling light fixture with an LED low-profile light fixture I’m also gonna walk you through how to replace a dimmable switch so this is the existing light fixture I designed and built my own home by myself back in 2000 and I put […]

Best Kitchen Cabinet Pot Drawer

Kitchen Cabinet Pot Drawer-today we’re turning my wife’s kitchen cabinet into some slide-out drawers. we’re starting with this half-inch plywood. all right so continuing on with our cabinet drawer pull out so what we’ve. done is we’ve gotten the original shelf that was in the cabinet that’s right. here and basically we’ve subtracted the width […]

Kitchen Sinks For Corner Cabinets

Kitchen Sinks For Corner Cabinets-Hi everybody! I’m in the process of updating a kitchen and I’ve made 10 kitchen cupboards so far and I have one more to make and that’s the most complex because it’s the corner cabinet. that’s going to house the sink and I thought that would be an interesting article to […]

Mainstays 1.5 Memory Foam Combo Mattress Topper

mainstays 1.5 memory foam combo mattress topper mainstays 1.5 Memory Foam Combo Mattress Topper The Mainstays 1.5 inch Memory Foam Combo Mattress Topper is intended to offer you a peaceful night of rest by giving you the solace and bolster you need. It includes a temperature-touchy adjustable foam surface for body forming solace. This adjustable […]

Kitchen Bar Minimalist Youtube Design

Kitchen Bar Minimalist Youtube Design-When we design a small kitchen room. in an apartment,. it’s all about how we can optimize functions. A small kitchen can also be comfortable, functional and stylish. Hi, I’m Paul, I’m an architect, interior, and product designer. PowlStudio Founder. For an example of a small minimalist kitchen. we will discuss […]

White Cabinets Kitchen Design

White Cabinets Kitchen Design-I will be painting my kitchen cabinets and I will be using the. Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations cabinet coding system and the reason why I chose to do this is that I did not want to sand. We’ve been in this. house for five years and this is what my cabinets look like […]